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What To Expect From Raccoons This Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year when everything awakens after a long winter sleep. Unfortunately for countless homeowners across Canada, it is also raccoon baby season. Typically beginning in March, it is always a smart idea to be aware of raccoon baby season because a mother and her babies may be hiding in or around your home or property. If this is the case, humane raccoon removal is the recommended course of action and something Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is more than happy to help you with.

Removing Raccoons In The Spring: What To Look For


Professional raccoon removal is essential for homeowners if raccoon intrusions are discovered in homes or on properties. The best way to go about searching for unwanted visitors is to inspect their typical den sites. Thinking like a raccoon mother can be helpful here: try to identify places that are warm and safe, away from both the elements and any predators. Usual nesting places and locations to look for raccoons on your property include:

● Crawl spaces
● Attics
● Shed or Garage
● Under your porch or deck

Springtime Raccoon Removal: What Kind Of Damage Are You Looking At?


Knowing if raccoons are in your attic can be determined based on a number of different signs and signals. They include:

● Crying noises from the babies
● Loud walking and thumping from the mother at night
● Damage to your roof, siding or soffits
● Seeing raccoons on your roof
● Strange odours

While building a den for its babies, a mother raccoon will usually cause plenty of damage to your home. Raccoons are known to damage shingles and vents on your roof to allow rain and water into your attic. Their activity inside the attic itself can also trample and compact attic insulation rendering it useless. Worst of all they will turn your attic into a giant litter box filled with harmful droppings and odorous urine. Because of all of this, professional raccoon removal services are essential to ensure raccoon families are removed and prevented from re-entering.

How To Deal With Removing A Mother Raccoon And Her Babies From Your Home?


You will not be blamed for wanting a mother raccoon and her babies out of your home. They will cause a lot of frustration, damage to your home, make a lot of noise and create a huge mess. If there is a raccoon in your attic during springtime it is wise to assume that it is a mother with a litter of babies stashed away. Failing to take babies into account when removing raccoons can cause further damage and headaches for homeowners.

Inadvertently locking the mother out of your attic and denying her access to her babies is never a good option. Raccoon mothers have a strong maternal instinct and she will likely cause further damage to your home trying to get back to her young. This can include ripping and tearing shingles from your roof.

Raccoons are strong enough to cause incredible damage to roofs in order to access the attic

On the other hand, the babies depend on their mother for food during during the first months after birth so trapping the mother and driving her out to the country isn’t an option either. The babies need their mother to survive and without they will likely starve to death somewhere inside the house, leading to nasty smells, flies and unsanitary conditions. What are you to do, then? It’s simple. Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control to remove raccoons from your home using methods that are effective and keep raccoon mothers and babies together.

Skedaddle: THE Humane Wildlife Control Company For You


Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a wildlife removal company with nearly three decades of experience when it comes to helping homeowners be free from infestations. The single best thing about having Skedaddle help you with your wildlife problem is their unique, humane approach. Removal is done by hand and by trained and experienced technicians, which guarantees the safety of both the mother raccoon, her babies and your home. At the same time, your house is raccoon proofed, which prevents any future infestations in the years to come. Call Skedaddle today and ensure your home is safe and cozy once again.

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