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What you need to know about Deer Mice

Deer mice might appear cute and cuddly, but they can actually cause harm to you and your family. The deer mouse can carry the hantavirus and this virus is quite harmful to humans including possible death. It is important as a homeowner to learn more about deer mice so that you can recognize the creature and contact mice removal services. With quality mice pest control, you will not be affected by the mice in your home and be able to avoid the risk of such issues as the hantavirus.

Mouse droppings below a bathroom sink

What are deer mice?

Deer mice are small mice that have big eyes and prominent ears that look like leaves. The mouse is very cute with a head and body that can reach two to three inches long. The tail of the mouse will be as long as the body. This type of mouse is called a deer mouse due to its resemblance to a small deer. The upper body of the mouse is gray to reddish brown in colour and have a white underbelly and legs. The tail will be two-toned with dark and white colouring.

Where do these mice live?

Deer mice prefer to live in wooded areas and in rural communities. However, they will make their home in urban areas and have been known to move into homes, taking up residency in walls and attics. When these mice gain access to your home, they can become a problem as they can carry disease, as well as chew materials, eat your food supply, urinate and drop feces. It is important to have these mice removed by the professionals so they are no longer a problem in the home and you can avoid such issues.

Mouse activity below attic insulation

What is Hantavirus?

The hantavirus is an issue that affects the United States as well as Canada and can be transmitted via the inhalation of contaminated air as well as being within contact of mouse urine, saliva and feces.

Having first been recognized in 1993, the hantavirus pulmonary syndrome has caused major sickness within humans as well as death. You can prevent being susceptible to this disease by avoiding contact with such mice. When you find that they are in your home, contact removal services immediately. Take care to keep any holes or gaps in the home covered and sealed as well as cleaning up any litter or materials where mice like to live such as the attic or garage space. Clean up exposed food so that mice are not attracted to your home.

In all, when you see a mouse in your home, contact removal services. You want to have the mice removed so that your home is not susceptible to disease that can be brought into the home by mice. Symptoms of the disease include fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle aches, headache, fever and chills. Help your family avoid such symptoms by having mice removed as soon as they are spotted.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we are ready to assist you with your mouse removal needs. Contact our office today to schedule removal service or a consultation.

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