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Where do Squirrels Nest in St. Catharines?

Look above. In the tree tops. Squirrels frantically collecting leaves and twigs. They’re beginning to perfect their new homes. Constructing nests for the colder months. It’s nice to see. As long as they stay out of my attic, walls or chimney. Squirrel nest removal is important in St. Catharines. Once in your home they can destroy insulation and chew on electrical cords. This can cause major issues in the future.

A squirrel’s nest is commonly known as a drey. They are usually built in forks of trees using twigs, dry leaves and grass. The small bundle is more noticeable in the fall when all the leaves have fallen. Dreys are mostly found in a branch crotch high above the ground. But, there are also cavity nests that are predominantly in hollow trees.


We removed this gable vent cover to find it filled with squirrel nesting material

Most squirrels only use dreys for a year or two before moving on. However, they will also use old abandoned nests and maintain the remnants of the previous owner. Squirrels generally start to collect materials well before autumn. A completed drey is a hollowed sphere over a foot in diameter. Typically squirrels construct more than one nest. If their first home is destroyed or infested with bugs they will move.

Squirrels only become pests once they decide to abandon trees and look to your home to construct a drey. They can sneak in or chew holes in your house about the size of a baseball. Once inside they can get into your walls, attic and ceiling. Squirrels will build their nest anywhere that’s safe, warm and accessible. Chimneys are also common places. If it’s not properly capped they can easily crawl up and down. Even if you’re confident there are no holes for squirrels to get into your home, they can also build nests under soffits and in your eaves.


Damage to wiring and insulation from squirrels nesting inside an attic

Inside your home squirrels can cause all sorts of damage. You can detect unwanted visitors by rustling or scratching sounds in your walls or ceiling. If they have built a nest there will be manipulation of dry materials close to exposed wires. Squirrels will also gnaw on wires which can be a huge fire hazard. In 2011, the St. Catharines Standard reported a house fire attributed to squirrels. The building ignited into 10 metre high flames causing the roof to collapse. Squirrels chewed electrical wires in the attic starting the blaze.

Where there are nests there’s usually babies. If you suspect a potential squirrel nest in your home it’s important to contact St. Catharine’s Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. They can remove the squirrel nest and identify their point of entry to prevent future residents.

If you have a squirrel nest inside your attic call Skedaddle today – 1-888-593-0387

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