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Which birds can actually control garden pests?

Birds are known for eating insects year round, so if you have a garden you can most certainly benefit from having birds in your vicinity. But which birds will provide you with pest control and which birds are actually pests? Read on to see which birds to welcome to your garden and which ones to try and move away.

Starling droppings can leave hard to clean stains on building surfaces


Not only are bluebirds beautiful, they are also perfect for removing garden pests. The bluebird will dine on insects, including grasshoppers, beetles, weevils, caterpillars and crickets. Their meals help to avoid your garden from becoming a prime dining spot for such pests.


Another great bird to have around your garden is chickadees. This bird will patrol your garden and remove insects that hibernate such a plant lice, eggs of moths, katydids and more. These birds are considered pest control champions and will help your garden to thrive and grow.


Birds that are fun to have around in the garden area and protect from pest insects include woodpeckers. Known to dwell in the woods, woodpeckers will come to your backyard and eat wood-boring beetles, moth larvae, ants, caterpillars, aphids and more. Woodpeckers are interesting birds and can easily be detected from the noise they make as they are pecking away at trees.

Swallows, Pigeons, Starlings

Baby starlings removed from a bathroom fan vent

Birds that are not so fun to have in your yard include swallows, pigeons and starlings. While these birds will provide you with some form of pest control, they also like to nest in chimneys and attic spaces. When this happens, your home can be at risk for a fire hazard or you may have problems with urine, droppings and baby birds living in the home. It is best to have such birds averted away from your property if you begin to see an infestation.

But how do you remove birds from your yard? It can be difficult to remove birds from the premises unless you are an expert in bird control. Wildlife removal experts know just what to do in order to see a bird problem disappear. It is not recommended that any poisons or chemicals are used to remove any birds that are pestering your garden or have entered your home. Instead, humane methods should be used.

There are several ways that birds can be driven from the home. First, a technician might wait until a bird flies from the nest and then begin removing nesting materials from the home in the chimney or attic space. If babies are present, they will need to be handled gently and put in a place where they can reunite with their mother. Netting can also be used to deter birds from coming back to the area in which they were roosting.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we know just what to do to remove birds from your home. When you have birds pestering your crops or garden or find that birds have taken up residency in your home, contact our office to schedule removal service. We are happy to help and remove any bird issues that you may have.

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