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Why are there mice in the office?

Mice are not just found in homes but also in the workplace. It is not uncommon to see mice running around the office, but why are they there? Many people think that mice are only attracted to dirty places but that is not the case. Mice can enter a home or office for a number of reasons. Once spotted, the mice will need to be removed from the work place so everyone can get back to work as normal.

Mice are excellent climbers and can easily ascend most textured surfaces

So what does attract mice to the office? Mice can enter a dwelling due to access, sniffing out crumbs in the work kitchen or simply because they need a warm place to nest. Read on below to find out what you can do to keep mice from entering the workplace and how to have them removed if you encounter a mice infestation.

Easy Access

To begin, mice can enter the workplace due to ease of access. As with any home, if an office space has entry points, mice will find their way in. Mouse behaviour indicates that because of their body type, mice have the ability to squeeze into tight spaces. Mice can enter into the office in small spaces and be unseen for some time until they make their presence known. You may begin to see mouse droppings in areas such as the kitchen or along the walls where mice are making their way around the office. Any potential entry points for mice should be sealed off so the creature cannot enter the home.

Food Sources

Mice have the ability to seek out food sources with ease and if your office commonly leaves out crumbs or other food items on desks and in the communal kitchen, then you may eventually face a mouse problem. Mice like to have easy food sources so they will come back again and again to enjoy the crumbs left behind. Mice also will begin to chew on packaged foods and eat what is in the pantry. If you spot any packages that appear to have been chewed, then you have a mouse problem.

Wildlife Removal

Once mice have been spotted in the office, it will be time to contact wildlife removal services. The firts step is to remove and secure all food sources. A wildlife removal company will be able to evaluate the office, find entry and exit points and get to work. The mice will be removed using one-way doors that allow the to leave, but not re-enter the building. Humane methods are used so that the creature as well as those in the office are safe during the removal process.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we have vast experience in wildlife removal services, especially involving mice. We have a team in place that will remove the mice for you and take preventative measures so mice do not enter the office again. If you have mice in your workplace, don’t hesitate. Give our office a call today so we can provide an inspection and removal service, freeing your work from mice.

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