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Why Humane Raccoon Removal is Necessary

We often admire raccoons for their ingenuity and intelligence, but it is these very characteristics that make the raccoons such destructive forces to our properties. Raccoon damage can easily run thousands of dollars if left unaddressed. Expert humane raccoon removal and exclusion are key to nipping an infestation in the bud.

Raccoon Infestation – The Basics

Raccoons often make their way into human homes during the cold seasons. They prefer cozy spaces such as attics, garages, and basements. The less human traffic in the space the more attractive it is for raccoons since they are secretive animals. The darkest parts of the space will usually be chosen for the nest because of the animal’s desire for safety.

Raccoons bring with them infrastructural damage and health risks. They erode the internal structure as the chew and scratch away at the soft material, such as wood, to make nests and for food as well. Insulation often suffers greatly at the hands of raccoons. They may also chew the covering off wires leaving them exposed and creating an electrical fire hazard. Diseases such as rabies can be passed on to the inhabitants of the home through raccoons. For some diseases such as leptospirosis, contact with the animal is not required as interaction with waste matter from the animal is sufficient to cause infection.

Raccoons have better chance of survival if released humanely.

The Importance of Professional and Humane Removal of Raccoons

Raccoons are notorious for outsmarting those who attempt to use DIY methods to control or remove them. Raccoons have been known for example to evade traps and to find their way back into homes after people thought they had successfully excluded them. Some DIY attempts are dangerous for both the animal and human being involved.  A prime example of this is the fact that nursing raccoons, like many other nursing animals, can be quite aggressive making DIY removal methods dangerous. For these and other reasons, it is highly recommended that homeowners opt for professional humane services for raccoon removal.

Raccoon Removal by Skedaddle

Skedaddle stands out among humane animal control services. The Skedaddle team strategically merges their knowledge of raccoon behaviour with their experience in the field of wildlife animal control to ensure that your infestation problem is effectively resolved. Our services begin with a detailed assessment during which we observe the physical location and determine the severity of the invasion. This allows us to craft a plan that will safely remove all raccoons from your property and reduce or eliminate the likelihood of their return.

Raccoons take about 6 weeks to grow before they leave their mother.

Our techniques and instruments are approved by animal protection professionals. This means that you will not be acting in contravention to animal protection regulations when you use our services. We relocate removed animals safely and ensure that young raccoons are given the best chance of survival after removing them from your home.  We also offer cleaning to remove all remnants of raccoon presence on your property.

The final aspect of our humane raccoon removal service is prevention. In collaboration with you, we devise strategies for reducing the ‘call factors’ (such as garbage disposal practices) that attract raccoons to your home. Contact us today for humane raccoon removal and experience a wildlife free property.

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