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Why Is Pest Control Essential for the Environment?

Today’s society is more focused on the environment than previous generations, with products and services now geared towards being more environmentally friendly. When it comes to home pest control, it is essential that environmentally friendly practices are used to ensure the well being of wildlife along with the quality of the environment. In the past, animals would be removed from the home by using chemicals or kill methods that were not beneficial for the environment or the animal. Today, safer practices are used to ensure that your home is not affected by unwanted guests and the environment is not harmed.


To begin, pests that enter the home can be safely extracted and removed without killing or bringing harm. Only professional wildlife experts know how to do this with ease. Humane methods can be used to remove wildlife families from homes and prevent them from getting back inside. The methods keep wildlife families together and does not require relocating wildlife to an unfamiliar location. By hiring professional wildlife removal services, you are helping the environment to maintain stability.

A mother raccoon on the roof of a house

Avoiding Toxic Chemicals

In the past, techniques and chemicals were used that were harmful to the environment when removing pests from the home. Such substances can affect the air we breathe. It is important to use natural materials and removal methods that will not harm the environment. With environmentally-friendly wildlife removal, such chemicals are not used and your home remains chemical-free. Let’s consider mice removal. In the past, poison was used to kill mice living in houses. Poison can be dangerous for children, other wildlife and pets and having in your home can create dangerous cross-contamination scenarios. It is better for the environment as well as the creature to use more humane methods of removal.

Baby raccoons removed from an attic before being reunited with their mother

Chemicals can also harm pets in your home when ingested. If chemicals are distributed throughout your home, your dog or cat may ingest the substance, leading to sickness or even death. It is best to use humane methods so that the mice can be removed from the home and prevented from re-entering.

Overall, it is essential that wildlife is removed from the home naturally. At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we offer such services so you can see your home return to normal without affecting the environment or the pests. Contact our office whenever you have an issue with animals in the home. Our experts specialize in the removal of raccoons, squirrels, mice, skunks and more. Your home will soon be free of the unwanted creatures, with areas restored with cleaning and repair work done as needed.

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