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Why Humane Raccoon Removal is the Only Real Option

Raccoons are found in human spaces from time to time. Raccoon encounters are part of the norm for people who live in or near raccoon habitats. Despite the discomfort and dangers faced when raccoons enter human spaces, humane raccoon removal is the only real solution to raccoon issues. Other options are often either ineffective or they introduce hazards to both wildlife animals and human beings alike.

Raccoons in Your Space

When raccoons find themselves in your personal space, they are not acting out of malice or with the intent to make you and others uncomfortable or unsafe. They are simply trying to survive. In light of the fact that human activities and developments have gradually restricted the habitats of wildlife animals such as raccoons, we owe these animals fair and humane treatment when we come across them in our domestic or commercial spaces.

Aggressive, Inhumane Approaches and their Devastating Effects

If our response to wildlife trying to survive is aggressive and ultimately deadly, like most inhumane wildlife removal techniques tend to be, then we are also dooming ourselves. This is so because all living things, including raccoons, contribute to the existence and maintenance of a natural environment that facilitates our survival.

Harmful traps hurt wildlife animals and often lead to their death.  A horrific example of this is the raccoon whose paw was clamped in a cruel trap. Even though wildlife experts worked feverishly and were able to eventually free the animal from the trap it chewed its paw off and had to be euthanized since it could not survive with three paws and would be in excruciating pain. Sadly, that raccoon joined the statistics of wildlife animals that lose their lives due to human activity.

Attempts to remove raccoons tend to fail if they are not informed by expert knowledge and experience. This is why the DIY approach to solving raccoon problems is often discouraged.  It is not uncommon to find that raccoon entry points have been blocked by DIY raccoon removal attempts resulting in trapped kits on the inside and a desperate mother raccoon on the outside. The result is usually severe damage to property as the mother raccoon will do everything in her power to get back to her kits. This includes ripping through siding scratching and chewing through wood and other things.

Expert Humane Removal- A Viable Solution

Raccoon removal is best done in a humane fashion and by trained and experienced wildlife technicians such as the team at Skedaddle. Expert wildlife technicians are able to do an accurate assessment and use that to devise safe and effective strategies for raccoon removal. When kits are found inside, wildlife technicians, armed with the knowledge that the mother is likely out on a foraging run will carefully remove them to the outside so they can be reunited with their mother.  The warmth of the internal den is replicated in the container used to house the kits temporarily. Insulation material from the original den helps to keep the temporary housing familiar to both kits and mother raccoon. These strategies help to ensure their survival until the mother arrives.

After this is done, areas will be inspected to ensure that no adult or baby raccoons are left inside before sealing off the access points. This prevents the unfortunate occurrence of trapping raccoons inside a building. If removal is not the best option, one-way doors are used to ensure that as raccoons leave the building (which they always do from time to time) they are prevented from returning. Expert humane raccoon removal is, without a doubt, the best solution for raccoon problems in rural and urban areas.

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