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Why there is no Reason to be Afraid of Bats

Bat phobia is a common around the world. But the truth is that bats should be cherished rather than feared because these mammals actually make life on earth better for human beings. Of course, it is understandable that bat exclusion services must be sought when the flying mammals take up residence inside your home but these measures need to be humane in order to ensure that bats are allowed to keep contributing positively to our lives.

Bat Services That We Can All Enjoy

Bats help to keep the insect population in check. This is because their main food is insects. So we have bats to thank for preventing those pesky little insects from making our lives uncomfortable by damaging our plants or getting in the way of our everyday activities. The large brown bat, which is one of the species most found in domestic spaces, feeds on many of the insects that damage gardens. If you have these bats in your area, know that they are providing a free service for your garden.

Bats help to maintain the greenery around the world. They spread seeds as they fly from one area to the next. Additionally, their droppings serve as an excellent fertilizer which improves the survival rate of green life.

Bats are very important to the insect population control.

Bat Behaviour

In addition to being beneficial to human beings, bats are relatively low profile animals. They prefer seclusion and avoid daytime appearances. In fact, if you see a bat flying around during the day, chances are something is seriously wrong with the animal. Most bats prefer to live in colonies located far from human habitation (in caves or abandoned mines, for example). The bats most likely to occupy human homes are the big brown bat and the little brown bat.

Most bats migrate away during colder months as they are not fans of the low temperatures. So most of your winters will be bat free.  The only bats that you may see around during this time are the little brown bat and the big brown bat, but even the little brown bat is more likely to head off into the wild to hibernate during this time than to take up occupation in your home.

For those who harbour vampire associated fears with bats, it is important to note that almost all bat species consume fruits or insects. Only three species of bats consume blood and they get their supply from animals, so there is no threat to human beings.

Bats are not aggressive and don’t generally attack or bite.

Expert Bat Control That is also Humane

As experts in wildlife behaviour, Skedaddle’s team is well aware of the benefits that bats offer the world. This is why we practice humane bat control techniques. Our bat removal method, for example, is designed to ensure that the flying mammals do not suffer and are not endangered. Our one-way doors allow bats to exit your attic or garage safely while ensuring that they are denied access if they try to return. All our bat exclusion methods are in keeping with the protective legislation that governs animal control.

If you’re currently experiencing issues with bats in your home, contact our wildlife experts today. We will ensure your home and family are protected for years to come.

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