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Why You Need Experts To Properly Get Rid Of Skunks

Skunks are fuzzy-looking, adorable critters. But, their appearance has nothing to do with the problems they can create for homeowners by invading their properties. They like to make their dens in holes underground as they are excellent diggers. If you discover a skunk living under your deck or shed between April and September, you’d best assume it’s a mother with babies. When looking to get rid of skunks, ALWAYS call the professionals because you don’t want to orphan the babies or provoke the mother into spraying you by attempting a DIY approach.

What To Do If You Discover A Skunk Living Under Your Deck Or Shed?

The first thing to understand is that a professional removal approach is always the recommended option in this situation. Other than that, it’s important to try to understand the animal and its behavioural patterns; the mother skunk has likely chosen to live under your deck or shed because it is a safe, quiet and dark place for her babies. That is why convincing the mother to leave your property may be one solution. But, keep in mind that there’s just no substitute for a humane, knowledgeable and expert approach to skunk removal. That being said, you can try the following:

  • Open things up
  • Sound
  • Smell

Evidence of skunks digging below a deck

Opening the den site up

Skunks like to make their den below structures like decks, porches and sheds because they feel safe and protected from predators and the elements. If they’ve dug a hole underneath a structure,

opening up the space up entirely  by removing deck boards or decorative skirting can go a long way toward making the space place feel less secure for skunks.

Allowing  more wind, rain and sunlight in will likely may encourage a mother skunk to relocate herself and her babies to one of her other den sites in the area that is more secure. Leaving things wide open might not be a long-term solution or practical but it may help to remove the skunks. Once they’re gone you will have to secure entire structure down the smallest hole to prevent re-entry.

Installing a screen barrier to prevent skunks and other wildlife from accessing a deck

Using Sound

Another way you can try to persuade them to leave your property is to get a radio, tune it to a talk station and place it near the entrance of the skunk den. It is very important not to tune the radio to a music station – music means nothing to skunks, but they find the sound of human voices to be threatening.

Using Smell

Skunks have a sensitive nose, soak some old rags in either ammonia or apple cider vinegar and place the rags in a plastic bag. After doing so, poke holes in the bag to let the smell escape and hang it somewhere near the den entrance, preferably right next to it. This should make the mother skunk feel unsafe as it will smell like a predator’s urine.

Opted For Professional Help? There’s No Better Choice Than Skedaddle

While everything previously mentioned may represent a good strategy for persuading skunks to leave your home and property, there’s no guarantee that any of it will succeed in the long-term. It might not be possible to employ these methods forever and as soon as their stopped, the skunks could be back.

Having helped thousands of homeowners to date, Skedaddle is the perfect choice for your skunk problem. We not only remove skunks humanely but we also do the repair work to prevent their re-entry, including installing heavy gauge screen that is guaranteed to keep skunks out.

Get in touch with Skedaddle today and get rid of skunks that are causing you problems.

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