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Why You Need to Take Skunk Control Seriously

Skunks are a nocturnal creature that are easily distinguished by their black colouring with a white striping down the back. Humans are usually afraid of skunks, not due to their aggressive behaviour, but their smell. No one wants to be sprayed by a skunk, so we usually tend to stay away from them. However, skunks do live in our neighborhoods and can wreak havoc on the home, leaving their scent, digging holes and destroying the property. If a skunk is noticed on your property, skunk control services should be contacted so the animal can be removed in a safe and humane manner.

A skunk poking it’s head out from below a deck

What’s the Problem?

You may be wondering why skunks are such a big deal and why they should be removed so quickly. Aside from the smell, skunks can destroy your property. To begin, skunks like to create dens. They do so under porches, decks, and sheds, burrowing their way underneath to den below. Skunks also like to dig holes in order to find insects for food. One sure sign a skunk has been in your yard is the fact that there will be holes everywhere and small two-inch pieces of feces. The skunks come out at night and dig holes in order to find insects to eat. Often times, the insects can be seen in their feces.

A baby skunk removed from below a deck

So not only do you have the smell to deal with but you will also have holes around your yard and lawn and dens with urine and feces left behind. Mothers can also have skunk babies which can lead to aggressive behaviour if they feel their kits are at risk.

Once spotted, you should contact skunk control services in order to have an expert arrive at your home and take care of the wildlife issue.

Wildlife Services

A wildlife expert will know just what to do when it comes to your skunk problem. The den will be discovered and an action plan created in order to remove the skunk from the den and protect it against future entry. Experts know where skunks like to den and what’s required to keep them out.

If babies are present, they will be removed from the den by hand and placed in a heated reunion box so their mother can relocate them to one of her other den sites. Our technicians then dig around the perimeter of the den site and bury heavy gauge wire screening to prevent re-entry.

If you try to remove the skunk yourself, you will get sprayed. You may also get bitten or scratched. It is best to leave the removal process to the experts, individuals who have experience in the removal of such creatures as well as proper equipment to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is your one stop shop for the removal of wildlife from your home. From skunks to squirrels, mice and bats, we can help you reclaim your home by removing any pests that have moved in to your space. Contact our office when you need assistance with pesky critters.

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