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Animal Cruelty Laws and Why You Should Consider Humane Animal Control

Human beings have shared this planet with wildlife since the dawn of time and both groups have always had an impact on each other. But in recent times wildlife species have become threatened by human activity. The fact that the survival of wildlife species is at risk means that the survival of human beings is also threatened. This is so because each wildlife species plays a significant role in maintaining the natural environment in a manner that allows for all inhabitants to continue thriving. Since people have failed to recognize this on their own, Canada has enacted laws to ensure that we tailor our behaviour to prevent damage to wildlife species.  When considering what to do or which services to use for animal control, Bowmanville residents must avoid breaking these laws.

All animals, urban and domestic are important contributors to our ecosystem.

Canada’s SPCA

In Canada, the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is tasked with the responsibility of enforcing animal rights legislation. It is a good idea for homeowners in Bowmanville and indeed all over Canada, to arm themselves with knowledge about these laws to prevent being caught on the wrong side of the law.

Federal Legislation

The criminal code of Canada prohibits cruelty to animals and outlines offences such as:

  1. Willfully causing or, as an owner, willfully allowing a bird or animal to be in unnecessary pain or injury, or facilitating bird fighting or the baiting of animals or birds.
  2. Willfully, without reasonable excuse, administering a poisonous drug or one that damages a birds or animals health or allowing any such dangerous drug to be given to the animal or bird.
  3. Promoting, arranging, conducting, assisting in, receiving money as proceeds from or taking part in any meeting, competition, exhibition, pastime, practice, display or event that involve the trapping and shooting of freed or wild animals or birds.
  4. As an owner or occupant of a space allowing any part of the property to be used for the activity outlined in number 3 above.

Provincial Laws also prohibit animal cruelty. The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1990 regulates the behaviour of people towards animals in all areas that, like Bowmanville, fall under the province of Ontario. According to provincial law, you may be legally prosecuted if you:

  1. Cause an animal to be in distress, whether you are acting as custodian or owner.
  2. Organize or participate in animal fighting events.
  3. Own animal fighting paraphernalia
  4. Harm law enforcement animals.

This provincial legislation gives the inspectors affiliated with the Ontario SPCA the authority to inspect, investigate and act on animal rights breaches. It also holds veterinarians responsible for reporting all suspected cases of animal abuse to the relevant inspector.

Homeowners who opt for the humane method of animal control are essentially protecting themselves from prosecution under these laws. The humane approach avoids all actions that cause pain and suffering to animals as gentle methods are used to coax animals out of the spaces they occupy. The best option for animal control in Bowmanville is, therefore, the humane approach.

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