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Wild Ontario Museum Exhibit in Durham Region Helps Educate Children

The future of the earth’s natural jewels (its flora and fauna) rests with the youth. If therefore, the youth are not aware of the significant role these natural treasures play in preserving life on earth as we know it, they are unlikely to take the necessary steps to protect them. This is why Durham’s latest wildlife public education strategy is so important. When they are more informed about the animals around them, they are more likely to use the appropriate wildlife control measures to maintain the harmony between people and animals in Durham.

Durham- Leading the Charge

Durham’s latest wave of wildlife sensitization is being spearheaded by the Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue group, the sole wildlife rehabilitation and rescue entity in Durham. These wildlife conservationists have collaborated with Clarington Museums to establish a museum designed to introduce visitors, mainly children, to Canada’s vast wildlife species. The collaborative venture first opened on October 11, 2018, and the structure focuses on allowing visitors to engage with the animals in a non-threatening environment that will allow them to build positive impressions of the animals, develop a love for them and subsequently aim to preserve them.

The effort has been very successful so far with over 5,500 children accessing the program and many more expected to benefit as it remains available through to May 5, 2019. The interactive nature of the exhibit has been credited with making the experience appealing to Ontario’s youth.

Not part of this exhibit! Raccoons may get lost and find themselves in your living space too.

Why this Approach is Important

What is happening in Durham is a reflection of the fact that ultimately the best way to improve the relations between the human and animal residents of Ontario and Canada as a whole is to through education. When people can truly appreciate wildlife and their value to the ecosystem and our very way of life, they are more likely to take steps to help preserve them.

Skedaddle’s Own Efforts at Sensitizing People to the Importance of Wildlife Protection

As Canada’s premier humane wildlife control service, Skedaddle has always embraced the principle of sensitization as a tool for preserving wildlife species. We understand that our use of humane wildlife control techniques is just one part of the solution to the constant threat nature’s treasures face. We also realize that people will only take steps to preserve the wildlife around them when they can appreciate the animals themselves. This is why our team members often participate in summer camps as wildlife educators. During these summer camps, our wildlife experts inform children about the importance of wildlife animals and show them how people can help to ensure that these animals are able to thrive.

The very layout and nature of the content on our website indicate that we are all about educating others about the importance of preserving nature and promoting the safe wildlife control measures that will ensure the survival of animals. Skedaddle’s blogs are focused on safe ways to handle wildlife invasion of domestic spaces and gentle prevention tips that will keep wildlife away without harming them.

Skedaddle’s Partnerships with Wildlife Interest Groups

Wildlife conservation groups are among Skedaddle’s active partners as we work with them to ensure that Canada’s wildlife remains protected and are given the best opportunity to thrive. Our collaborative efforts have helped to open the eyes of many people to the fact that the humane treatment of wildlife is always the best option. This is done in tandem with our efforts at ensuring that our clients enjoy wildlife free utilization of their properties.Skedaddle remains committed to ensuring that when it comes to humane wildlife control methods, Durham is on par with the rest of Canada. Our wide range of blogs promoting safe and positive wildlife control stands testament to this commitment.

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