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Wildlife Babies are Showing Up In Strange Places


Raccoon babies in cooler.

Don’t you hate going in for a routine oil change and end up getting a car full of squirrel babies? This was a case for a Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control’s customer this past Saturday!

In our 29 years in business, we typically find wildlife babies in all sorts of areas- attics, chimneys, walls, balconies, bathtubs!

This year, we discovered our first squirrel and raccoon babies in unique spots as well- under the hood of a BMW in Oakville and in a beer cooler in Mississauga!

Squirrels in a BMW

The squirrels in the BMW hood had quite the adventure, as the car along with the squirrel family were towed from the homeowner’s’ house to the dealership

Squirrel babies on a balcony in Burlington

We even found squirrel babies, living 15 floors up on a balcony in Burlington!

The lesson to be learned here is that wildlife doesn’t always play by the rules– they will take advantage of whatever area they think is acceptable to have their babies, and that could mean problems for homeowners.

We recommend that during baby season, March- June, homeowners should be vigilant about leaving areas of their homes exposed to wildlife. Prevention work should be done to the home, such as the roof vents, weak areas in the soffit, chimneys, etc. This prevention work should be done immediately, as dealing with one animal is easier, less destructive and more affordable than a whole family of babies!

If you do find yourself dealing with wildlife babies, it is important to call a humane wildlife control company. Wildlife babies are immobile for up to 12 weeks, so the only way to remove them is by hand. To learn about Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control’s baby wildlife removal, click here.

We also recommend not leaving open containers, coolers, pots,boxes. on your decks and balconies.

If you suspect that wildlife has taken up residence inside your attic, chimney, deck or shed then connect with Skedaddle today! Call 1-877-222-9453.

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