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Wildlife Control DIY Don’ts


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“When animals access your home and cause a ruckus many people jump to the option of trying to deal with the issue themselves. Doing it yourself (DIY) at the moment seems like the best bet to stop the offending animals from coming in and out of your home. Unfortunately for the inexperienced, when it comes to animals this is not a smart move for many reasons.Dylan, Skedaddle Technician

There are plenty of home makeover projects that you can tackle to improve your home or keep yourself occupied over the weekends. When it comes to DIY home improvements there are plenty of the do’s and don’ts to be aware of. However, when it comes to wildlife removal there are only DIY dont’s and disasters. The only advice that you need to follow when considering tackling a wildlife problem on your own is, don’t do it!

Why DIY Wildlife Control Doesn’t Add Up


When it comes to dealing with a wildlife invasion, many uninformed homeowners reach for their toolbox and a couple of boards and try to solve the problem because they believe it’s the quickest and cheapest solution. Here’s the thing, it’s not the quickest or the cheapest option. First, you pay for the materials, then you may have to pay a contractor to do the work that you can’t do and ultimately you have to pay a wildlife control expert to come in and do the job properly. If you had just called in an expert wildlife technician from the start, the problem would have been solved quickly, easily and in the most cost-effective way. At Skedaddle we have seen this scenario time and time again, and we can assure you that calling in a qualified wildlife control expert as soon as you detect a wildlife invasion will save you money, time and frustration in the long-run.

According to Dylan, a highly trained and experienced Skedaddle Technician, “leaving it to our professionals is a 100% guaranteed way of removing the animal and protecting your home for life. So, before you go DIY, think about having one of our professional sales team members come and take a look at your issue and help you solve it in the best and safest way for the animal and your home.”

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Wildlife Control Experts Know how to Deal with Any Situation


When you want to repair your gutters or renovate your kitchen, you do not call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. It would just not make sense to anyone. So, this begs the question, “Why do you call a building contractor to solve your wildlife problems?”

A building contractor knows nothing about dealing with wildlife, but a qualified wildlife control expert is specifically trained to deal with unwanted animals in your home and with 30 years of experience, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has seen it all and done it all. Not only have we witnessed what animals can do to a home, but we have also seen first hand what homeowners will do to their property to keep out unwanted house guests. And often it’s not pretty.


DIY wildlife control usually leaves a lot to be desired. Homeowners and contractors with an untrained eye will easily miss at least one animal entry point but usually more than one. This is a weakness that the animal will be able to exploit to get back to its nest or den. Bad DIY decisions also make the job of the wildlife control experts more difficult and time-consuming because not only do they have to look for potential animal entry points and fix them, they also have to identify, remove and redo sloppy work that may become a problem in the future. And of course, merely covering an entry point without first checking if there are any animals in your attic will trap the wildlife in your home and add to your problems. A trapped and desperate animal will most likely cause extensive damage to your property and if they starve to death the smell will be enough to drive you out of your home.

When DIY Goes Down the Spout


According to Dylan, one client had some questionable DIY work done to cover a downspout where a raccoon appeared to be gaining access to their home. But merely covering this entry point was not enough to keep out the determined intruder, the resourceful raccoon simply found another way in. The boards the homeowner put up to close the raccoon entry points not only looked untidy, but they were also put up without first ascertaining whether or not the raccoon was in residence. If the raccoon had not had another entry and exit point, this DIY quick fix very nearly turned into a costly disaster for the homeowner.
Dylan and his team tackled the problem with a professional approach, installing a one-way door over the raccoon entry point, blocking up holes, cracks and installing prevention around the entire home. DIY disasters like this are the perfect way for new technicians to learn on the job and these repairs took two guys eight hours to complete but by the time Skedaddle had finished doing their work, the house looked better and the wildlife situation was under control.

How Skedaddle Deals with Rogue Wildlife on your Property


We offer thorough, effective humane wildlife control and removal services. The first step in the process is to assess and evaluate your home and determine the extent of an infestation. Accurate identification of the invading wildlife and the extent of the infestation is essential, and it allows our Skedaddle technicians to plan an appropriate removal and prevention strategy. It is no good applying a rat prevention strategy if the problem is skunks.

Many homeowners are easily outsmarted by the animals that they are trying to remove from their home. Remember these animals are genetically hardwired to survive and they are masters of the art of evasion and escape. Amateur animal control methods are no match for sneaky wildlife, but our technicians are trained in animal behaviour, we understand the normal habits and patterns and we also know how they will react under pressure. We use this knowledge to safely and humanely remove wildlife from your property by applying the appropriate techniques and using the correct equipment. Once we have safely removed the wildlife from your home, we clean and sanitize the area, replacing any insulation that has been soiled and damaged. After we have completed the indoor work, we tackle the outdoor issues and install wildlife prevention that will protect your home from future invasions.

DIY wildlife control often provides Skedaddle technicians with a few laughs and we have seen some humorous attempts at wildlife control but at the end of the day this is no laughing matter and bad DIY wildlife control and removal job can put animal and human lives at risk. When it comes to dealing with wildlife there really is no situation where DIY is a good idea and you need to call in the experts as soon as you suspect you have a problem. Our professional wildlife control methods, installed by our expert technicians, are guaranteed to give you peace of mind and keep your home wildlife free for many years.

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