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Wildlife Control Ajax: Impacts of the Inhumane Trapping or Killing of Skunks

What’s your first response to the sight or unpleasant smell of a skunk on your property? If it is to kill and destroy, then you probably have the immediate response that is all too common with people. Once we perceive a threat or anything that makes our habitation less than comfortable we want to eliminate it, whatever the cost.

A humane release of the skunk is the best way to ensure their survival.

But what many of us fail to recognize is that planet earth’s delicate ecosystem is kept in balance by a variety of plant and animal life, including skunks. All of these organisms play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy planet. And if we disturb the balance by targeting and eliminating flora and fauna, we risk causing a major disruption to not only the animals but ourselves as well.

Why We Say No to Trapping

The typical homeowner will try to trap skunks but this tends to fail for two main reasons. The first reason is that skunks are able to evade the traps. Evidence of this is seen in the city of Windsor’s failed skunk-trapping programme which netted a mere 48 skunks in a twelve month period.

Additionally, other innocent animals often fall victims to these traps and even if they are eventually released, the time spent in captivity has negative effects on them. Trapped animals often go frantic trying to escape their cage and in the process may harm themselves. Additionally, the trapped animal is unable to seek shelter from the elements or predators while it is captive. To make matters worse, trapped animals undergo a severe amount of distress while in captivity and may find it difficult to function when released.

Skunks only spray when feeling in danger.

Given the main hazards associated with trapping, it is no wonder numerous animals die in traps each year. The loss of these animals has a direct impact on the natural balance of the ecosystem from which they come. This may mean the death of species who relied on that particular animal for food or the proliferation of another species that was their prey. Over time, this multiplies into even greater consequences for the planet and all of us who share it.

Trapping skunks is not only ineffective and dangerous but it is also illegal in some jurisdictions like Ontario, for example.

A Better Way

Instead of resorting to aggressive removal efforts for wildlife removal, Ajax citizens are encouraged to use the services provided by humane animal removal experts like Skedaddle to handle their skunk invasion issues. Humane animal control services focus on effective and safe deterrent strategies along with thorough removal practices.

For humane wildlife removal, Ajax property owners can rely on Skedaddle’s years of experience plus expertise. Skedaddle specializes in humane wildlife control methods allowing each homeowner to enjoy a wildlife free property with a clear conscience. Our strategies are developed to treat each animal based on its own unique characteristics and offer solutions that result in long-term positive effects. We truly do believe that each case of wildlife intrusion in domestic spaces can be handled with minimal damage to humans and animals alike.

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