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North York Humane Wildlife Control: Raccoons Have Superpowers


Raccoons are pros at achieving feats that are out of the scope of most wildlife animals. They constantly come out victorious at the end of the challenges that are thrown their way. These stars of nature’s Mission Impossible series are only tempered by expert humane wildlife removal services.  It is important for North York residents and property owners to recognize this as the region has become one of their favourite stomping grounds. Raccoons thrive in this area, undaunted by the wildlife impeding features of the city.

Swift and Effective Adapters


When compared with their wildlife counterparts, raccoons stand out in their ability to adapt to the planet’s ever-changing environment. Many other animals struggle to keep up as people and natural events change their habitats drastically and swiftly, but not raccoons. Food is never a problem for them as, being omnivorous, they eat a wide variety of plant and animal life. The mess created by people who discard food in cities and towns is not a problem for raccoons as they’ve developed an appetite for leftover fast food and processed food.  In seeking a place to rest raccoons have evolved from a preference for holes and caverns created and abandoned by other animals to attics, crawlspaces and even garages of human-occupied spaces.

Super Tunnel Diggers


Raccoons are known to scratch beneath fences to get into properties that seem wildlife proof. They can also dig to find living spaces below buildings. This is why human-wildlife experts recommend the installation of fences that extend far enough beneath the ground to frustrate the tunneling experts.

Expert Climbers


If raccoons can’t get into a building by digging under it, they will do the opposite, climb its walls until they find an access point. Raccoons’ climbing abilities are so great they rival some of mankind’s best Olympians. If there were a wildlife Olympics, raccoons would definitely take home most of the gold medals and knock out a few world records in the process as well. This incredible climbing prowess was reflected in a story published by CBC on May 10, 2016. The story reveals how a raccoon invaded a Hamilton apartment that was located on the tenth floor of a building. Imagine that raccoon using its claws and muscular strength to propel its body up to ten floors’ worth of wall and then over the balcony! As if that weren’t shocking enough, the Skedaddle team that arrived on the scene to remove the raccoon witnessed the animal climbing back down the ten floors (27’) long wall to escape them!

CBC News: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/headlines/spider-raccoon-1.3575333

Master Locksmiths


Their ability to grasp, twist, turn and lift knobs, handles and lids make them great at breaking and entering. The key to this particular talent is their paws, which resemble human hands and to a great extent function like human hands as well. Interestingly, the paws also equip them with extra perception as each contains four times the number of sensory cells of other animals’ paws. They can get into buildings, bins, and storehouses through this skill and of course, makes them excellent escape artists.

The Value of Expert Intervention to Stem Raccoon-Related Issues


Since raccoons are so efficient at living in spaces that human beings have dominated, North York residents will need expert help to keep them at bay. Expert humane wildlife removal service providers like Skedaddle can help to protect your North York home from raccoons. With Skedaddle’s comprehensive wildlife control service your space is thoroughly examined, raccoons are humanely removed and preventive strategies are implemented to ensure that they stay out, leaving you with peace of mind.

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