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Wildlife Damage to Attic Insulation

Keeping monthly bills down is one of the biggest concerns for Hamilton residents. Some of us see our heating and cooling costs go up and have no idea why. Not to mention all the wasted energy. In your home these costs account for about 50 to 70 per cent of average energy usage. So, letting that cool or hot air breeze out doesn’t result in a greener home. A properly insulated attic can help keep in some of that energy. This part of the house is often overlooked as it’s not always visible in our day-to-day.

Air naturally flows trying to combat its opposite counterpart. Hot air tries to take over cold air and cold air tries to take over hot air. So, in the winter the warm air your furnace pumps out is constantly trying to escape to the freezing outside. Air will find any little hole to seep through just like our friends squirrels, mice and bats. First, it will make its way to outlying rooms such as the basement or attic. Insulation limits that air movement. The still air trapped in the insulation prevents heat from escaping. Properly insulating your attic is crucial in keeping those bills down and making your home more comfortable.


Trampled insulation and exposed rafters after squirrels took up residence in this attic

Just as the air escapes, rodents and pests find their way in. During the winter squirrels, mice and raccoons love getting into attics. It’s a safe place to hide from the cold while mating or breeding. Pests will tear insulation to use as nesting. They can leave giant holes where chunks have been removed. Also, their droppings can soak into the insulation. If you have a big enough infestation the feces can make your home’s air quality unsafe. Many rodents even chew the insulation depleting your home’s R-value. Lastly, attic insulation can hide undesirables the rodents may have brought in such as food, garbage or corpses.

It’s important to regularly check your attic for evidence of pests or rodents. They can enter through small holes on outside walls. Also, check for spikes in your heating and cooling costs. This could be a sign of sudden depletion of insulation in certain areas of your home.

If you have suffered a wildlife intrusion then it’s important to hire a professional wildlife removal service that will inspect your attic for damage. Hamilton’s Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control offers a full range of decontamination and restoration services.

We safely remove any pests and replace any insulation they have destroyed so that your home remains comfortable for you and your family.

Call Skedaddle today to have your attic inspected for wildlife damage – 1-888-592-0387

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