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How Skedaddle Can Help Control Mice

Mice and people have coexisted on planet earth for centuries. Unfortunately, due to the conflict between the nature of mice and the areas established by humans, the coexistence hasn’t always been a harmonious one. For humans, mice have a long history of association with diseases and property damage. This is why they are considered the most unfavourable wildlife to have in the home environment. When mice intrusion fears trigger the need for help with wildlife prevention, Bowmanville residents can turn to the experts.

Preventing Mice Intrusion

Since mice are so difficult to evict, it is best that you keep them away. One of the main ways to do this is to prevent them from accessing food in your homes. You can do this by using glass or metal containers to secure food as these are challenging for mice to breach. The items stored inside these mice proof containers should include human and pet foods. Additionally, you should avoid leaving uneaten pet food lying around (especially overnight) as mice will come to feast on it.

Keeping the home clean (especially the kitchen area) will also help to keep mice at bay. Try to clean up kitchen grease and all spills promptly and tackle the hard to reach crevices around the stove and other appliances.

Another way to keep mice at bay is to maintain your building. If you get frequent home inspections done, you will be able to find potential entry points such as cracks and holes and rotting wood that mice can chew through easily. You should also check for leaking pipes as water damage makes your building vulnerable to mice entry.  Ensure that you repair these problems promptly if you want to deny mice the opportunity to enter your home.

If you love to encourage birds to frequent your outdoor space, your hobby may be inviting mice. This is because mice will be attracted by the bird seeds that are in the bird feeders or those that may have been spilled onto the ground. You may need to consider whether your bird hosting hobby is worth the mice related consequences and make a sacrifice by abandoning this pastime.

How Skedaddle Can Help Control Mice

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, mice turn up in your home. They are pretty determined and intent on survival and nature has equipped them with very sharp survival skills and so their arrival in your home may be due largely to their quest to survive.  This doesn’t mean they are welcome houseguest though and there are steps you can take to try to control their impact on your household until you can get the experts to intervene.

Skedaddle’s mice removal services are tailored to leave you with a completely rodent free environment that is also fortified against future intrusion. Our expert wildlife technicians begin each service with an assessment. Through this assessment, we can determine the extent and nature of the mice infestation and design a treatment plan that will result in all rodents being removed from the place.

Our removal service is followed up with a clean and clear service. This service includes the removal of all the material (droppings, nesting items, and food among others) left behind by mice. It also includes a sanitizing process in which bacteria are neutralized, eliminating the potential for users of the space to be infected by mice related diseases. The final stage of this comprehensive mice removal service is prevention and protection which includes the application of mice deterrent strategies such as the installation of barrier technology to make re-entry impossible for mice. Undoubtedly, Skedaddle is the best choice for wildlife prevention services on your Bowmanville property.

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