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Why Wildlife Removal From Your Home Is A Must To Protect Your Pets

Having pets is great. But, the odds of your dog, cat or any other little domesticated animal getting along with surrounding wildlife aren’t that good. There is a huge difference between wild and domesticated animals. That is why you need to keep an extra eye on your cat or dog if there is wildlife around your home. In the event that you are suffering from infestation, you’d best call a professional removal service like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

In any case, it is a good idea to minimize interaction between the wild animals and your pets. Typically, wildlife will not become a problem unless they are bothered or provoked. When wildlife does get close to your home, however, there are three things to keep in mind as reason for calling in the professionals:

Raccoon droppings can contain the eggs of a dangerous roundworm called baylisascaris

Raccoon droppings can contain the eggs of a dangerous roundworm called baylisascaris

Birds might try to kidnap your pets while they’re outdoors.
Altercations may happen between wildlife and pets.
Diseases are always present in these situations.

Small Pets Are Extremely Appealing To Any Birds Of Prey Lurking Around The Neighbourhood


This is why it is very important to be cautious when taking your pets out for a walk. It makes perfect sense to call in Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control or other professional wildlife services to intervene in neighbourhoods these birds typically inhabit. But, the DIY element also exists here and it is mirrored in the fact that you can take precautions on your own.

If you live in an area where birds of prey are often spotted, try not to leave small pets outside unattended. There is always the risk of a kitten, puppy or small dog getting scooped up. In order to keep birds off the lawn, you can also try using mirrors, reflective strips and plastic decoys.

Humane Wildlife Removal Is Necessary Also Because Wildlife May Become Provoked By Curious Pets


Bats carry the rabies virus in high levels relative to other wildlife species and will bite pets if provoked

Bats carry the rabies virus in high levels relative to other wildlife species and will bite pets if provoked

The problem with clashes between pets and wildlife is that your pet will likely not only become fearful, but injured as well. If you have animals or rodents encroaching on your property, remember that they won’t be happy to see your pet close up. Wildlife are often very territorial. Even if your dog or cat is just sniffing around curiously, this might be mistaken for a threat. Your dog is far more likely to come out on the wrong side of a run in with a skunk if that skunk happens to be living below your deck, patio or shed.

Wildlife will be even more protective and territorial if they are nursing their young. A conflict might break out if the wild animal(s) infesting your property feels its young are in danger. Call Skedaddle today and eliminate the cause for such dangerous situations with some professional and humane wildlife control.

Diseases Are The Most Obvious And Urgent Reason For Professional Wildlife Removal Services


One of the biggest concerns pet owners have is beloved animals catching wildlife diseases. All it takes is contact for the diseases to get transmitted. There are a number of different signs that wildlife are present in your home. Unfortunately, your pets may come across these signs very easily. If your dog sniffs around bat droppings outside the home or gets too close to a raccoon latrine in the yard, there is a strong chance they will catch something. Raccoon roundworm eggs live in the majority of raccoon droppings and can cause severe health issues in dogs if ingested.

Rabies is also a major concern for pets who come into contact with wildlife. Some pet owners might not think their indoor cat needs a rabies shot but if you have bats living in your attic then your cat could be at risk of being bitten. Wild animals living inside your home can also introduce fleas, mites and ticks that could be harmful to pets. Safeguarding your pet’s health is a major reason to contact a professional wildlife removal service like Skedaddle.

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