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North York Humane Wildlife Removal: Rising Mice Problems


They can run, climb and jump, and they love living where they have easy access to food, water, and shelter. Mice are a common problem in all households. They are resourceful little animals that can crawl through small spaces and chew through concrete, and they are constantly looking for ways to get into your home.

In recent years, North York residents have seen a spike in the mice population throughout the city. If you want to be sure your home remains mouse free, the humane wildlife prevention experts at Skedaddle have some information for you.

What Brings Mice into the Home?


Mice are clever and cunning, and extermination is only a short-term solution. Getting rid of mice that are already in your home is a constant battle and the extermination costs add up. That is why, when it comes to mice, prevention is better than a cure. Mice prefer to live outdoors but will seek shelter indoors, especially when it is hot and dry, and they can’t find water outside.

While hot summers and drought-like conditions tend to drive mice indoors, don’t be fooled into thinking that the cold winter will take care of all your mouse problems. These animals know how to survive in harsh climates and in fact, snow insulates the ground and helps rodents survive. Rather than dealing with the problem once they are in your home, you need to focus on keeping them out with the help of humane wildlife removal companies.

How You Can Help Mouse-proof Your Home



The first thing you need to do is inspect your home for obvious mouse entry points, and remember they only need a hole the size of a dime to get through. Older houses are especially vulnerable to mice as they often have many cracks, and the doors and windows may no longer seal properly.

You also need to look at what is attracting the mice to your house. Make sure all food is properly stored in sealed, airtight containers and that there is no rubbish left lying around inside or outside the property. Keep your garden neat and tidy, rake up the leaves and garden debris, and trim shrubs away from the house and off the ground. Don’t store firewood up against the walls of your home and eliminate all water sources for mice by fixing leaking pipes and dripping taps.

Expert Mouse Prevention


If you suspect that you have a mouse problem or if you see any mouse droppings in your cupboards or dark corners of your home, you need to act immediately. The best way to deal with mice in your North York home is to use the services of a humane wildlife removal expert, like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Not only will we solve your immediate mouse problem, but we will also be able to safely remove all droppings and debris, and help you mouse-proof your home.

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