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Wildlife Removal: Effective Tips for Homeowners

A professional Wildlife control company is an effective service option used to remove pests from the home. Wildlife removal companies offer proven ways to remove creatures such as mice, rats, bats, raccoons and skunks. When you become a homeowner, you soon see just how pests affect the home. Homeowners must take precautions to keep pests from entering the home as well as locating quality removal services when the problem becomes too difficult to handle. Below is a short guide as to how to recognize a wildlife problem as well as work on removal and prevention.

Droppings are a sure sign of bird activity around the home

Pests In Your Home

There are small and large pests that enter the home, building nests or dens in order to be comfortable as well as avoid predators. When found in your home, such pests need to be removed in order to avoid disease, viruses, bacteria and other issues. The smaller animals found in the home include rats, mice and squirrels. With mice and rats, you will find droppings around the home as well as food packages opened. With squirrels, you will begin to hear footsteps in walls or in the ceiling.

Raccoon damage to loose siding

Larger creatures that gain access to the home include skunks and raccoons. Avoid being sprayed by skunks or disease from raccoons by learning the warning signs. Raccoons and skunks will be noisy in their dens, especially during the nighttime hours. These creatures also like to forage so you will find your garbage cans rummaged through or signs of paw prints and droppings.

A professional wildlife control expert will be able to see these signs and provide more insight as to what creatures are calling your home their own. Once discovered, the animals can then be removed.

Removal Process

The process of removal for your home will be determined based on the animal. In most cases, humane one-way doors can be used. These doors will allow the animal to leave the home but prevent re-entry. The wildlife control expert will then ensure that the home is free of any wildlife babies and provide a complete clean up. Other methods are used based on the problem at hand, with the method of extraction determined by a professional. Many of these pests can be difficult to catch or can be dangerous if attempted by the inexperienced. It is recommended that you contact a professional removal company to ensure the process is completed with ease and safely for those in the home as well as the animal.


Prevention methods should also be taken by the homeowner to avoid an issue with pests, before or after a problem takes place. Prevention methods will vary based on the pest type. Overall, the home should be evaluated for entry points. Even the smallest creatures such a bats and mice can enter via tiny openings. Any opening should be sealed with metal grating or some other material to ensure that no creature is able to gain access to the home.

For more information on wildlife control and removal, contact our office today at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Our experts are happy to assist you with providing removal services for your wildlife problems.

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