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Winter Invaders That Bowmanville Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

When temperatures fall, animal and plant life alike seek ways to survive. It is simply the natural order of things. This winter Bowmanville homeowners should be on the lookout for wildlife refuge seekers who are desperate for warm, safe spaces to spend the cold months. And when in need of assistance for animal control, Bowmanville residents need to be aware of the best expertise the area has to offer.

Wildlife That Go Dormant or Absent During  The Winter

Some animals, like birds and some mammals, migrate to warmer areas and return when the Bowmanville climate becomes warm again. Other animals, like most species of bats, find spaces (caves and old mines) in which they hibernate. Some burrow beneath the ground and remain mostly inactive for the duration of the cold season. Bowmanville residents do not have to worry about these animals during the fall and winter. But there are other animals that get in the way of your comfort and safety during the cold season. The animals Bowmanville residents need to be on the lookout for are those that mostly seek out your homes for nesting and hibernating type activities during the fall and winter.

Critters You Should Look Out for in the Winter

Among the animals who will try to make your attic, barn, crawl space or garage their winter home, are squirrels, raccoons, bats, and skunks. When they enter your home, they bring with them a host of inconvenient smells and behaviors. Additionally, they may be carriers of a number of viruses, bacteria, and diseases that put human residents of the home at even greater risk.

Animal removal and invasion prevention in the winter can be particularly challenging, even for professionals because of conditions such as snow and ice. Skunks, in particular, are tricky to remove in the winter because they go into a state that mimics hibernation. It’s usually best to remove these wildlife animals and install prevention strategies in the fall.

Expert Animal Control at Your Fingertips in Bowmanville

When Bowmanville homeowners are in need of animal control services, Skedaddle stands ready to serve.  We provide services in animal control Bowmanville residents can trust. Our world-class humane animal control techniques are always informed by the biological characteristics of the wildlife species being dealt with along with the unique situation that each home environment features.

It is important to ensure your home is sealed and repaired before freezing temperatures.

When called the skedaddle team will arrive promptly to conduct a thorough evaluation of your space. Through this evaluation, we learn about the details of your home (the crevices and corners that are likely hosting the critters) and the extent of your infestation situation. This allows us to create a removal and protection plan that is tailored to suit your specific needs.

In removing wildlife critters from your home, Skedaddle is careful to use the methods that protect your investment from damage and prevents damage to the animals themselves. We remove the animals, the remains of their presence and any offspring (if found). The removal of biological material related to wildlife is a crucial step of our process as it significantly reduces or eliminates the potential for you and your loved ones to contract diseases associated with wildlife animals.

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