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Winter Storms May Create an Entrance Into Your Home for Wildlife

As the year comes closer to an end we all know what to expect when it comes to Canadian winter weather. Once the leaves start falling off the trees the freezing temperatures bring snow and cold winds. What many of us don’t realize is that we should be made aware of potential den sites in and around our property. Wildlife start preparing their shelter before the snow hits which can result in some infestation problems in the spring.  With these animals come the threat of diseases and further home damage and therefore at the first sign of invasion, you must get the experts involved. The good news though, is that avid preparation can save homeowners from the need to hire animal control services during or after winter.

Winter storms can create multiple openings for wildlife to enter your home.

Did you Know that Snowstorm Damage Can Create Entrances Into Your Home?

Snowstorms cover entire neighbourhoods in ice and snow. When the ice melts, it’s time to face the heat financially. In the middle of all the rush to effect repairs, you may overlook some of the damage that leaves you vulnerable to wildlife invasion. Once the access points have been created, the wildlife animals will make their way inside. Like all other living things they will do whatever it takes to survive the winter, including making your home theirs. As winter approaches, animals such as raccoons, head for your home but animals such as squirrels and rats will try to come into your home throughout the year.

After a blizzard, homeowners are often left with the hassle that accompanies mold and fungi presence, but they also have to worry about the weaknesses that are borne out of the constantly wet state created by snow and the water produced as the snow melts. Soffits and sidings are just two of the home’s parts that deteriorate rapidly during and after a snowstorm, especially if they are already weakened. The moisture of snow, and the wetness that it creates as it melts, softens vulnerable material such as wood. Softer material means that wildlife is able to easily chew their way into your home.

The roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of a home during a snowstorm. And it is also one of those areas through which some wildlife (those that are able to fly or climb) enter the home. Hail is known to puncture roofing material and the weight of accumulated snow may also cause sections of roofing to collapse.

Expert Intervention- The  Key to Preventing and Addressing Wildlife Invasion

The key to having a wildlife free winter is prevention. Skedaddle strongly recommends that homeowners take steps to prevent animal invasion of their homes before the threat becomes imminent. This means ensuring that your home remains unbreachable throughout the winter and taking steps to keep wildlife away. You can do this by regularly checking the perimeter of your home and the key areas such as the siding and roof.  Tackle all repair needs immediately to prevent further deterioration during the winter season. A professional wildlife technician will be able to identify where and how your home is vulnerable to possible animal invaders.

Skedaddle can help you to stay on top of things by conducting a thorough inspection of your home to find the weak areas that are likely to be further weakened by snow storms. Our team of expert wildlife control specialists will also devise and install protective barrier technology to ensure that animals are denied access to the interior of your home during the winter. Our expert animal control services are also available in the event that you end up dealing with an actual invasion during the winter or any other time of the year.

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