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No, You Can’t get rid of Skunks using ammonia

Skunks are known to be problematic. Not only will skunks dig shallow holes in your yard as they search for food, they will also dig in gardens, root through garbage and burrow under your home. Skunks can create quite the mess in your home and have the potential to be very stinky if they spray you or on or near your home. You want to learn how to get rid of skunks near your home so that you can avoid the mess as well as the smell! Read on to see what to do when you identify a skunk issue and what not to do when it comes to removal.

Identifying a Skunk Problem

To begin you will need to identify if you have a skunk problem. Skunks are burrowers so they will create holes in your yard. If you find small holes in your yard, then a skunk could be present, searching for insects to eat. You may also see feces in your yard which can be about two inches in length and will contain the remains of insects. Of course, if you spot a skunk or smell its infamous odor, then you know a skunk is present somewhere nearby.

Getting Rid of Skunks

Once you know that you have a problem, you want to get rid of the skunks as quickly as possible. The creature will seek shelter around your home in areas such as under decks or porches. Skunks will have a litter of kits from April to May which means you may not only have a mama to deal with but also babies. Be wary of approaching any skunk especially if babies are present as the mother can become startled or frightened and spray you.

Skunks like to live below decks and will burrow underneath

Many home remedies are suggested to help with skunk removal such as using ammonia. However, this will not work. Ammonia or mothballs can be placed in areas where skunks may be present as the animal has a sensitive sense of smell. But these efforts will not be very effective in removing the skunk from your home. The ammonia can easily be washed away and the skunk will come back.

Burying heavy gauage screen in the ground ground prevents skunks from digging under structures

The best removal method is to contact a wildlife removal company. A technician who specializes in skunk removal will arrive at your home and assess the situation. The technician will be able to recognize where the skunk is living and how it’s moving about in your yard. Humane traps can then be set to capture the skunk and avoid anyone being sprayed in the process.

Babies can be safely removed and taken to a new location with the mother, far away from your home. The animals are not harmed in the process and you will be skunk-free!

For help with any skunk problem, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today. We specialize in the removal of many creatures, including skunks. Let us provide you with the essential services you need to have a skunk-free home.

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