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Your Home Needs More Insulation

Winter is coming! If your heating bill was higher than normal last year, it could be a sign your home needs more insulation. Insulation is your home’s main defense against winter and the cold. Insulation saves you money by reducing the amount of time your furnace or heat source has to run.

“Adding more insulation should be viewed as an investment in your home as it has the ability to decrease your energy bills by up to 60% in two years depending on the severity of the prior situation”, explained Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, CEO Bill Dowd.

Homes built prior to 1985 likely need to have their insulation upgraded, as these homes don’t have the same air tightness that today’s Ontario building codes call for. Many homes also suffer insulation damage and loss due to wildlife activity in the attic.

Of all the places to apply more insulation in a home, attics usually offer the biggest payoff for your dollar.

The Skedaddle Approach

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control’s trained and experienced technicians will begin your insulation strategy with a situation analysis. This includes considering if your present insulation is up to Environment Canada’s recommended energy efficiency level (R-Value) — a method of measuring thermal resistance.


Our Insulation Removal and Reinstallation Strategy is Unique because:

insulation1It’s environmentally conscious

The cellulose insulation we use to replace your contaminated insulation contains 87% recycled content and is the greenest insulation product on the market today. Cellulose insulation is better at keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter because its scientific structure blocks air much better than its fiberglass predecessor, effectively saving energy and money.

Its health conscious

Our insulation strategy begins with the careful removal of contaminated insulation. A powerful and accurate blower system minimizes traffic through the home and quickly covers each nook and crevice with fresh insulation for your attic. Cellulose insulation does not introduce harmful pollutants or chemicals into your home. As an added bonus, cellulose insulation is also mold, mildew, pest and fire resistant!

It makes economic sense

Our  can decrease your energy bills by up to 60% in two years depending on the severity of the prior situation.

Save yourself money this winter by calling Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today.1 888-592-0387.

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