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Mouse Facts that You Can Use to Get Rid of a Mouse at Home

Facts About Mice

If you know some facts about how mouse lives, then you would be able to effectively implement ways to get rid of them. Here are some of those mouse facts you should know

A mouse belongs to the family of rodents, which are also mammals just like humans. Their primary characteristic is that they have these one pair of incisors located in their upper and lower jaw. A funny thing about rodents’ incisors is that they grow continuously; hence they need to keep it short by gnawing continuously as well.

Now you see why rodents always need to chew on something. By nature, they would have to chew lest their incisors become really long. Some of the common rodents include rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, beavers and squirrels.

Now if they gnaw on wood apart from those found in your home, then that would cause you no trouble. However, if they start to live in your home and gnaw on the things that you own, especially your food and furniture, then that can surely give you a lot of headache and you may now start to wonder how to get rid of them.

You see, getting rid of rodents is a job that is best left to professionals. This does not mean that you cannot find or implement ways and means for removing mice at home. This just means that since professionals have studied the life cycles of mice and have also figured out the best ways to get rid of a mouse, they are effective at their jobs.

For instance, your primary recourse may be to include products labeled as “mouse repellants” at home, but this may not be the initial course of action of professional services. They know that most of these products do no actually repel mice. They know how mice would react to such substances, which may not actually create any significant change in your homes. Now that is something that you might just consider.

Another thing is that mouse leave trails that will help you figure out their best hiding places. If you don’t know how to identify these, professionals do know. This then makes it easier for them to locate the mice in your home. For instance, a hole in the wall would tell you that the mouse is probably living in the wall. So to get rid of the mouse that has managed to live within your wall, professionals can resort to processes that will drive away the mouse that has been causing you sleepless nights. Professionals are experienced on such issues, and for sure, your problem will be solved in a jiffy.

Another mouse fact that you may consider is that these creatures are generally afraid of cats. There are also two kinds of cats, the one who chases mouse all day, and the one who sleeps all day, oblivious to the scurrying occurring around her. So if you go for this option to get rid of mice, better make sure that you get the former type of cat.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is familiar with the life cycles of mice, from the moment they are born, until they become adult mice. We do understand the patterns they take and how they live, making us effective in getting rid of them in the most humane manner.