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Residential Pest Control

Skedaddle Pest Control

Skedaddle Pest Control is an additional service offered by Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Our pest control technicians are trained to provide safe, professional and environmentally friendly pest control solutions for homes and businesses.

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Identify & Eliminate

Starting with a full, in-depth home assessment, we will identify what type of bug problem you have, and provide a clear, precise treatment plan to get rid of them. All of our insect treatments are environmentally friendly and placed in areas of the property where pests are common and in spots where they thrive.

Clean & Control

The second stage of our process is the clean up and control of an active bug infestation! Depending on the affected area, we will remove any dead insects as well as any food sources they have gathered, and put into place multiple pest control measures to keep those insects at bay, making the property clean and safe.

Monitor & Protect

The most important part of our pest control process is continued monitoring and protection of those possible entry points where insects are getting into your property. The best way to do this is through our four season pest control program for insects. As the pest sprays and other tools we use are environmentally friendly and safe for pets and family, this means they need to be maintained to stay effective.

30 Years in Business

Same Day Service

Certified Technicians

Skedaddle Pest Control is a service offered by Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control to provide homes and businesses with expert, safe, and effective pest control solutions. Our fully trained and licensed Pest Control Technicians utilize over 30 years of experience to provide every style of residential or commercial property with a custom pest control plan to protect their property from insects and rodents. Using eco friendly products and targeted distribution methods, we quickly eliminate all pests while keeping your property and everyone on it safe.

Once our technicians successfully eliminate any active infestation, Following our pest control treatments it important to clean and disinfect the space to make it a safe place for family and pets. Pests can leave conditions in your home unsanitary and harmful, which is why our technicians take the time to explain their findings and provide tips and advice on restoring the affected areas of the home once the infestation has been exterminated.

Skedaddle Pest Control specializes in prevention and exclusion. Following our initial visit we will provide you with a full pest protection plan which closes all the holes, cracks or gaps pests use to get inside with long lasting sealants and screens. At Skedaddle Pest Control, we understand that pest problems change with the seasons, which is why we offer customers one time treatment solutions or continual visits throughout the year. All four visits target the specific pests problems of each season and ensure your property stays pest free all year round.

Pest Activity Increases As Weather Warms Into Spring

Spring has officially sprung, and as our gardens begin to flourish with moisture and warmth, so do all the insects in our communities. For property owners, this can quickly create a nuisance and a risk of infestation. The most common pests that homeowners and business owners are likely to deal with this spring are; ants, spiders, cockroaches, earwigs, bed bugs, millipedes, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, mice and rats. 
As spring invites pests into our communities, the warmer months also mark the best time to enroll in a year round pest control plan. Skedaddle customers have the option to choose between a one time service, or continual visits throughout the year. Each seasonal visit targets seasonal pest problems, and ensures all preventative measures are in place. 
Spotting traces of pest activity can be difficult, especially since the clues are often in low or hidden areas on a property. Our team members recommend that property owners keep an eye out for droppings, sawdust trails, tunnel markings, chewed materials or food packages, nests, and small grease stains along interior and exterior walls. Pests will leave these traces of their existence anywhere from ground level to the highest peaks of the roofline, which makes identifying these infestations difficult to the untrained eye.
To tackle pest problems in the spring months, Skedaddle Pest technicians concentrate the application of our products on areas that reduce insect reproduction. Using eco-friendly products and technology that has proven effective, each service is noninvasive to your property. The longer pests are allowed to remain on a property, the more damage can be done, and the larger their populations will continue to grow as spring heats into summer. 
Our spring pest treatment focuses on the exterior of the structure where insects may make their way into the living space. Next, our technicians take the time to clean the mess and disinfect the areas pests have damaged during their stay. We will also walk you through every step of our process, and recommend repairs to vulnerable areas that should be looked after in order to keep your property and everyone inside safe from future invasions. Skedaddle Pest Control helps protect your property against long term pest damage
At Skedaddle, we believe that the safety of people, wildlife and the environment is the top priority in any pest removal. Our services only utilize eco-friendly products derived from chrysanthemum flower and borax to safely remove infestations without contaminating the soil, water or air on a property. Skedaddle technicians are trained to precisely distribute dust and spray products in the least invasive and most effective areas, in order to create a long term solution for any property owner’s pest problem.
Mike Semple-Fernandez
Mike Semple-Fernandez
I worked with Skeddadle July 17, 2022 to relocate and prevent the return of a colony of bats to my newly purchased house. From the start - I connected with Adriana at the contact centre who explained the options for my outlined situation, talked me through what to expect of: -the initial site visit/inspection -payment -day of work -what to expect after the work is completed -follow up visits She also did a fantastic job of spotlighting Skeddadle's lifetime guarantee for workmanship and materials! Brandon, site supervisor, came out to walk the property and point out other entry points I hadn't seen, he investigated my attic, and drop ceiling. Very thorough and provided frank, concise advice as to how Skeddadle will deal with my issue. The day the work was to be completed I met with Jess and Chris who worked quickly and efficiently on my roof, which is a pretty steep grade. They arrived on time and well equipped. We walked the site, spoke with me about the entry areas, reviewed the work order with me, and quickly got to work. After the meshing work to block of entry ways was complete, Joe from Skeddadle, came out another day to install the one way doors which would lock out the bats. He arrived on time and got that done very quickly and completely. We debriefed and he let me know he had found some other entry areas he also meshed. The final step now is to allowing the bats to complete their mating season and then the one way doors will be removed and the bats will relocate. It was important to me that the bats were not killed, simply locked out of my house which is a part of why I chose Skeddadle. The service from sale to service was outstanding which gave me comfort knowing I made the right choice. The team also took the time to point out some other wonderful wildlife I had on my property and some tips on how to allow the various animals to live on the property but not in my house. Excellent job all! Thank you for your service. -Mike Semple-Fernandez
Mariella Irivarren
Mariella Irivarren
Always very friendly on the phone. On time for Their appointments and really good communication.
jacob gallant
jacob gallant
Clayton Mallett with Skedaddle Pest was great to deal with. Very responsive, delightful to talk to. Eased my mind with what they can do and how they will tackle my issue within my home. Can’t wait to see the mice gone! Thanks again Clayton.
Melissa Rizza
Melissa Rizza
They came out to my in-laws to help with bats they had in their roof. Kai came and we were very impressed with him. He arrived exactly on time, was courteous and respectful and knowledgeable answering any questions we had. It was a very pleasant experience. Ralph and Carol
Rose Crosby
Rose Crosby
Prevention to deter animals from entering vulnerable spaces and overhangs. Carter and Dustin were very pleasant and knowledgeable and came highly recommended by Skyway Roofing. We would definitely recommend them to family and friends. They were thorough in their work and went above and beyond in areas that were not included in the (quote)scope of work but would offer better protection. We do have a rat problem so this is next on our list to have them come out to see what they can do for us.
Carla Correa
Carla Correa
We asked Skedaddle to help us safely deter a raccoon from making our roof its home. Although it was a bit of a frustrating process because we had to wait and work with the hydro company with the lines being so close to our house, we are so grateful to Jack, Brandon and the team for going above and beyond until we were satisfied with our soffit repair. Hopefully we will not need their services in future, but we will undoubtedly call on them should we have issues with unwanted animals in/around our home. Thank you so much! Carla & Mitch (+ our wanted fur friends: Levi and Mika)
Brett Bullock
Brett Bullock
This is a fantastic company that really cares about solving the problem effectively and humanely. They are quick to respond to any inquiries you may have and never leave you hanging. Once the home is proofed the lifetime guarantee is a added layer of security that you’ll never have to deal with animal tenants ever again. Definitely a quality company with a great bunch of people working for them. Thanks Skedaddle!
Gary Bryant
Gary Bryant
Brandon came out and assessed our deck for a potential raccoon and den. He was very thorough and explained what he found and gave a lot of good advice to help us solve the issue and prevent it from occurring again.
Nancy Walker
Nancy Walker
Skedaddle blew insulation into my new addition and they were very professional and they even identified and fixed two major venting issues that could have led to a serious mold problem, they know their stuff ! Highly recommend this service!


Skedaddle Pest Control offers 30 years of experience in residential & commercial pest control services.


Providing a stress-free, full service customer experience is our top priority. Service Guaranteed.


All Skedaddle Pest Technicians are fully trained, certified, and licenced to eliminate pests safely and effectively.

How can we help you?

Discovering a pest infestation can be a homeowners worst nightmare, and choosing the best pest solution can make the situation more stressful and frustrating. Avoid costly DIY and trust professional pest control to properly treat your home. Skedaddle technicians are trained to identify and seal harbourage areas pests are using or could use in the future with long lasting materials. All of our products are eco-friendly and will keep every person and pet in your home safe. After all the pests have been eliminated, Skedaddle technicians will take the time to decontaminate all the areas pests were present, leaving your home clean and pest free.
Any business owner understands the importance of customer safety, which is why at Skedaddle Pest Control protecting your clients is our top priority. Our services offer fully customized integrated pest control plans to protect your business from pests all year round. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect all high traffic and vulnerable areas of your property and immediately eliminate any active infestations. Our commercial pest control services meet LEED certification requirements as well as GMP and third-party standards. No matter your industry or the size of your business, Skedaddle Pest Control has the solution for you.
When birds roost or nest on a business they quickly create an unsightly and unsafe environment. At Skedaddle Pest Control, our top priority is protecting customers and clients as we establish a long-term solution for business owners. Using exclusion technology and targeted installation, our technicians will eliminate any areas for birds to land or nest. Our exclusion process is personally customized to your properties architectural layout and design. With an aesthetically pleasing installation of our exclusion products and a thorough cleaning of any droppings, your property will be clean and customer friendly.
Skedaddle’s Four Seasons Pest Control program is a unique service that creates customized solution plans for commercial and residential properties. Our program offers customers four visits throughout the year in order to eliminate the problem pests that arise with the changing seasons. Using a three zone approach, each of the four treatments focuses on hot spots and areas around your property in specified seasons throughout the year. To eliminate persistent pests, you need persistent exclusion, and with the year-round help from our trained professionals, your property will be clean and pest free all year long.