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Why Traps and Poisons Don’t Work

When most homeowners discover that they have a mouse problem their first instinct is to begin trapping and poisoning them. They usually call an exterminator or rush out to their local hardware in search of a quick fix. While traps and poison may succeed in knocking down the mouse population initially, the problem will reoccur if no other action is taken. Trapping and poisoning can also have unexpected and harmful consequences.

Here are a few things you should consider before using traps and poison to kill mice:

Traps and Poisons Ignore the Root of the Problem

Attempting to kill the mice that have taken up residence in your home is a reactionary approach to pest management. The mice inside your home are there for food and shelter. No amount of traps and poisons is going to solve a mouse problem long-term so long as they are able to continue entering the home and finding food on your property. Mice who already have food stored inside the walls and attic of your home are not likely to go after baits and poisons, allowing the problem to persist.

Traps and Poisons Cannot Keep Up with Mouse Reproduction

Mice are able to reproduce every 21 days and female mouse will give birth to up to 10 litters in a single year. At that rate, it is nearly impossible to trap and kill every mouse living inside your home faster than they can reproduce themselves.

Poisons can be Harmful to you and your Family

It can be very dangerous to deploy toxic rodenticides around your home, especially within the living space. If children or pets get hold of the poison it could have fatal consequences. It is not uncommon for pets to find and eat poisoned mice.

It is also important to remember that when mice eat poison they do not die immediately. Depending on the product it can take several days and in the meantime, they will have the opportunity to move and spread poison to unintended places in your home. They will track traces of poison in their feces, paws and fur across everything they touch including, food sources and cooking surfaces. Poisoned mice often die in hard to reach areas, producing foul odours and unsanitary conditions.

Snap Traps and Glue Boards are Inhumane

Traditional snap traps and glue boards can be extremely inhumane with unintended consequences. In the case of snap traps, they often miss their target, scaring their target in the process. A clever mouse who has had a run-in with a snap trap and survived will become trap-shy and learn avoid traps altogether.

Mice caught in snap traps and on glue boards will seldom die quick and painless deaths. In most cases they struggle for hours before they finally succumb to their wounds. In some cases they manage to escape only to die and rot in potentially inaccessible areas.

Getting rid of mice safely, effectively and permanently requires the use of multiple strategies. Traps and poisons may serve as a quick fix, but seldom achieve actual results. Contact Skedaddle today to learn how approach can rid you of the mice in your home. 1-888-592-0387.