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Skunk Prevention and Animal Control Advice


Skunks are known for shooting their notorious stinky fluid at targets that they perceive to be threats. Pets, especially dogs, are often caught in this spray which leads to serious inconvenience for their owners. In trying to get the skunk stink off their pets, owners sometimes end up smeared with the smelly fluid. But these notorious little foragers are also carriers of other undesirable things such as parasites and diseases. If you have encountered a skunk on your property that is acting strangely, it is best to call animal control services.

When skunks enter your space they are simply trying to survive. There is no malice in their action, but that doesn’t mean human beings and domestic animals in the space are safe when a skunk is around. In fact far from it. Continue reading for more information about skunks and what you can do to avoid unwanted interactions with them.

Where Skunks Live


In the wild, skunks select hollowed trunks and limbs of trees or spaces beneath wood piles to create their dens. When they enter human spaces they tend to look for areas that are similar to those spaces they occupy in their natural habitat. This is why they are often found under porches, decks or sheds. They often get into these spaces through gaps in the foundation.

Why Skunks Should be Kept Away From Your Property


You should keep skunks away from your property in order to avoid physical damage. Another area of your home that may be targeted by skunks is the lawn. Beneath all that lush grass the foragers find nutritious food in the form of a wide range of insects. Numerous lawns have been damaged as a result of skunks digging several holes in their attempts to find food. In addition to damaging your lawn, skunks will also damage property by weakening the foundation of your buildings with their digging. They can also damage wooden portions of your building as it is in their nature to chew through wood.

Like many other wild animals, skunks are carriers of parasites that can sometimes be transmitted to humans and domesticated animals. Among the diseases that skunks may pass on to you or your pets is rabies, a potentially deadly disease which attacks the host’s central nervous system. Because it is so difficult to distinguish rabies infected skunks from regular ones, expert wildlife technicians should always be called to remove them.

Skunks are tricky to evict. They love to burrow down into hard to access points that only trained wildlife technicians can breach. This is another reason to ensure that all your skunk problems are best tackled by the experts.

Solving Your Skunk Problems; How Expert Intervention Can Help


A wild skunk’s presence on your property warrants a call to the experts in animal control services. Skedaddle’s approach to wildlife removal is thorough, effective and most importantly humane. With a thorough assessment, your Skedaddle technician will examine your space to determine the nature and extent of your skunk intrusion problem and implement an effective but humane removal strategy. Once all skunks are cleared from the property, Skedaddles technicians will offer you our clean and clear service which involves removing all the material evidence of skunk presence on your
property and sanitizing the space to neutralize all viral and bacterial threats. To top it all off you will benefit from our prevent and protect service which includes the installation of barrier technology and the implementation of other humane strategies that will keep skunks away.

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