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Useful Guidelines on Eliminating Squirrels From Your Attic

A creature that commonly gains access to the home and makes it their own is a squirrel. Squirrels are known for collecting nuts and living in trees but they also find attic spaces to be quite enjoyable. When you are a home owner, you must be vigilant and learn the signs that a squirrel is in your home, knowing just what to do to see the creature removed. Read on below to see the proper steps for squirrel removal.

What Squirrels Can Do To The Home

Squirrels chewed completely through this roof truss

To begin, it is important to learn what squirrels can do to the home. Squirrels are notorious for using their strong teeth to chew. The creatures will chew through wiring which can lead to an electrical fire as well as chew through wood which can lead to structural damage in the attic area. Squirrels will also create messy nests that can be home to fleas and ticks. The small creatures are also known to carry disease which can lead to sickness in regards to those in the home. It is so important to have squirrels removed once you know they are in the home so that you do not see any damage or issues with your health.

Recognizing the Signs

There are several signs to look for when trying to see if a squirrel may be in your home. One big sign is hearing the scurrying of feet in your ceiling or walls. You may also visually see the squirrels in your home when trying to access the attic or perhaps as they scurry along the roofline, heading into a soffit, fascia or vent. When you notice squirrels in the attic, contact wildlife control to have them removed as quickly as possible.

Removal Process

Baby squirrels, just days old, removed from a soffit

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control animal removal service begins by completing an assessment of your home. Their technicians will be looking for signs that squirrels are present and where they are entering the home. Once this has been detected, the technician will use that knowledge to create a plan of action. Adult squirrels will be chased or coerced from the attic. After the adult squirrels have been removed, the attic will need to be inspected for the presence of squirrel babies. Many times, moms will have babies in the attic as it is a warm and dry place. Any babies will need to be removed and reunited with the mom on the outside so that she can move them to one of her other den sites. Technicians will then get to work squirrel-proofing your home.


Once the squirrel problem has been eliminated, the cleanup process can begin. Any feces and urine will need to be cleaned up along with the nesting materials. A squirrel in the attic can leave a big mess behind, even chewed up wood and dirty insulation. It is essential that these areas are cleaned up so the value of your home remains, plus you have a clean environment for family and friends.

When squirrels gain access to your home, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control for assistance. Our technicians will work quickly to remove the squirrels from the home and provide advice on how to clean up and repair the area.

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