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When wildlife makes itself at home in your home, the frightening reality is they often bring germs, diseases and parasites along with them. The simple solution to protect your family and pets is to employ a wildlife control company with trained and experienced specialists who know how to safely control and eliminate health risks.

Histoplasmosis is primarily a respiratory disease that humans can contract through the inhalation of spores contained in the feces of mostly bats, birds and mice. As droppings accumulate and dry, disturbed spores travel as airborne contaminants. Living with exposure to these wildlife species’ droppings and nests increases your chance of contracting the disease. Symptoms of this illness include: flu-like symptoms, muscle pain, chest pain and shortness of breath. Some forms of the illness are fatal if left untreated.

Skedaddle’s Wildlife Technicians are trained to quickly identify dangerous situations where there is a possibilty of contracting histoplasmosis. Your Wildlife Technician will immediately inform you of any danger, the level of contamination and how Skedaddle’s proven process will safely eliminate the risk.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and have unwanted wildlife in your home, please seek immediate medical attention. Following this, please contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control to ensure that your wildlife issue is professionally, permanently and safely resolved.