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Assess and Remove

To solve a skunk problem, we start with a complete assessment of your property to determine where the skunks are living and how they’re gaining access. Since skunks do not climb our inspection will focus on the ground level den sites like porches, decks and sheds. We then perform a careful and humane removal, including any babies.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Once we humanely remove any skunks and their babies we will move on to clearing the den site of any damaged property, nesting material or debris that was gathered by the animals. We can then begin cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing the area to eliminate any risk of illness, irritating odors and attractants for other wildlife.


Prevent and Protect

To prevent a future skunk problem, our technicians will get to work installing protective barriers designed to keep skunks out. This usually involves digging out around the perimeter of the deck, shed or porch and burying a heavy steel mesh deep into the ground. Our workmanship and materials are backed by a lifetime warranty.


Skunk Control in Baltimore

Welcome to the lively city of Baltimore, where the vibrant culture and bustling energy create a unique charm that residents and businesses adore. Living in Baltimore means embracing a blend of historic architecture, thriving arts scenes, and delicious culinary delights around every corner. However, with urban living comes the occasional wildlife intrusion that can disrupt the peace of homeowners and businesses alike.

Enter Skedaddle, your trusted partner in humane wildlife control services right here in Maryland. Businesses and homeowners in Baltimore can benefit greatly from Skedaddle’s presence, ensuring a safe and creature-free environment for all. With Skedaddle’s expert team on the scene, you can rest easy knowing that any unwelcome wildlife visitors will be handled with care and efficiency, allowing you to focus on enjoying all the wonderful aspects of life in Baltimore without any wildlife concerns.

The blend of urban expansion and lush natural landscapes in Baltimore has led to more frequent encounters with wildlife, creating unique challenges for both residential and commercial property owners. Skunks, in particular, have become a more common sight within the city, causing alarm and inconvenience when they encroach on properties. At Skedaddle, our wildlife removal experts are fully prepared to tackle these issues, offering efficient strategies to manage and resolve the odorous disturbances caused by skunks in homes and businesses. Our team utilizes effective methods to exclude skunks from homes, preventing skunks from accessing the property.

Baltimore Skunk Removal

Baltimore: History, Culture, and Community!

Baltimore, a city steeped in history and brimming with character, offers a delightful tapestry of attractions that beckon visitors and locals alike to explore its diverse neighborhoods. From the cobblestone streets of Fell’s Point, where sailors and merchants once roamed, to the bustling Inner Harbor, home to iconic attractions like the National Aquarium and Maryland Science Center, Baltimore exudes a captivating aura of charm and resilience.

Venture into historic neighborhoods like Federal Hill, where quaint cafes and boutiques line the streets, or Hampden, known for its unique shops and colorful Honfest celebration honoring Baltimore’s working-class roots. For a taste of the arts, head to Station North, a vibrant arts district teeming with galleries, theaters, and street art that reflect Baltimore’s creative spirit.

Special events in Baltimore are a true reflection of the city’s eclectic vibe. Dive into the lively atmosphere of Artscape, the largest free arts festival in the nation, or savor the flavors of the Chesapeake at the annual Maryland Seafood Festival. From the excitement of Orioles baseball games at Camden Yards to the cultural richness of the American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore’s offerings cater to every taste and interest, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in this spirited city. So come immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Baltimore, where history meets innovation and community thrives in every neighborhood.

Tucked away in Baltimore County, Towson and Owings Mills are like hidden gems that perfectly mix cozy suburban vibes with all the perks of city life. Towson has a bustling town center filled with shopping, dining, and cultural attractions like the Hampton National Historic Site, while Owings Mills is known for its modern amenities and proximity to nature, with parks and recreational areas aplenty. Both cities provide a welcoming community atmosphere, top-notch schools, and easy access to Baltimore’s vibrant downtown scene.

The Dangers Of When Skunks Make Themselves at Home

In Baltimore, residents experience a unique mix of urban landscapes and lush green spaces, where encounters with wildlife are common. While skunks are generally unassuming creatures, their presence on residential properties or inside homes can lead to significant and sometimes costly consequences. Homeowners need to understand the potential destruction skunks can cause to take timely and effective measures to mitigate these risks.

Structural Damage

One of the most immediate concerns when a skunk takes residence on your property is structural damage. Skunks are burrowing animals that create dens by digging under decks, sheds, or even the foundations of homes. These excavations can compromise the structural integrity of buildings, leading to expensive repairs.

Odor Issues

The most notorious aspect of skunks is their defensive spray—a potent odor that is difficult to remove and can linger for days or even weeks. If a skunk feels threatened near the home, it may spray, saturating the area with a foul smell that can permeate wood, fabrics, and even the duct system, spreading throughout the house. Eliminating this odor often requires professional cleaning services, as traditional methods may not suffice.

Garden and Lawn Damage

Skunks are omnivores with a particular taste for garden fare, including fruits, vegetables, and lawn insects. While their diet helps control pests, it can also lead to ruined gardens and lawns full of holes from their foraging. This dual role means that although they might be beneficial for pest control, they can simultaneously destroy the aesthetic and utility of outdoor spaces.

Health Risks

Beyond the nuisance and damage, skunks pose health risks to both humans and pets. They are carriers of various diseases, such as rabies, leptospirosis, and distemper, which can be transmitted through bites or scratches. Additionally, their feces may contain harmful pathogens, posing a risk to family members and pets who come into contact with contaminated soil or water.

Preventative Measures

To mitigate these risks, homeowners should take proactive steps to make their properties less attractive to skunks. This includes securing garbage cans and removing food sources. In cases where skunks have already established a presence, professional wildlife control services may be necessary to safely and humanely remove them.

Understanding the hidden havoc that skunks can bring to a home underscores the importance of vigilant property management and timely intervention. By staying informed and prepared, homeowners can protect their properties and maintain a safe, pleasant living environment.

Skedaddle‘s Expert Skunk Removal Services

At Skedaddle, we understand that encountering a skunk on your property is more than just a minor inconvenience. These striped visitors can bring unpleasant odors, potential health risks, and even damage to your home and garden. That’s why our skilled team is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective skunk removal services that respect the well-being of both our clients and the wildlife we handle.

Choosing Skedaddle for your skunk removal needs means opting for a service that prioritizes humane methods. Our approach ensures the safety and well-being of the skunks while effectively removing them from your property. We believe in coexistence and aim to get these creatures to more suitable habitats where they can thrive without causing disturbances to homeowners.

With years of experience under our belts, our team has encountered every scenario imaginable when it comes to skunks. This expertise allows us to quickly and efficiently resolve your skunk problem, regardless of its scale or complexity.

But at Skedaddle, we know that removal is only half the battle. Our comprehensive service also includes identifying and sealing entry points to prevent future invasions, offering advice on habitat modification, and implementing deterrent measures to keep skunks at bay. We’re committed to offering long-term solutions, not just quick fixes.

Wildlife Removal In Baltimore

Rooted in the community, Skedaddle has built a reputation as the go-to expert for wildlife removal, including skunks. Our local presence ensures we’re familiar with your area’s specific challenges and wildlife species, allowing us to offer tailored solutions and support.

Beyond Charm City, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control offers wildlife management services to neighboring areas in Baltimore County like Pikesville, Glen Arm, Rosedale, and surrounding communities. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in resolving your wildlife challenges humanely and effectively.


Fun Facts


Skunks are famous for their potent defense mechanism — a spray of foul-smelling liquid. This spray, produced by glands located under their tails, can reach up to 10 feet and is strong enough to deter even the largest predators. The smell is so pungent that it can cause nausea and temporary blindness.


The black-and-white coloration of skunks is a form of aposematic coloration, which serves as a warning to potential predators. The bold patterns signal that the skunk is capable of defending itself with its powerful spray, encouraging predators to stay away.


Skunks are omnivores with a highly varied diet. They eat insects, small mammals, birds, eggs, fruits, and plants. Their diet can change with the seasons, allowing them to adapt to different environments and food availability.


Skunks are primarily nocturnal animals, meaning they are most active during the night. They use their keen sense of smell and hearing to forage for food after dark, while their poor eyesight is offset by these other heightened senses.


Skunks are generally solitary animals, coming together only during the breeding season. They prefer to live alone in dens they dig themselves or take over from other animals. In colder climates, skunks may share dens to conserve heat but still maintain individual territories.


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