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We're here to help throughout
the COVID-19 issue. Read More..

We're here to help throughout the COVID-19 issue. Read More..



Assess and Remove

We start by performing a comprehensive inspection of your home and use hands-on techniques to humanely remove unwanted home guests.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Then we go where the animals go to clear and clean the mess they’ve left behind.


Prevent and Protect

We identify potential points of entry and secure them to prevent future infestation. We offer a lifetime guarantee against re-entry on any serviced areas.



When I called to book an inspection, I was given a quick booking time. James M came within the window of time, called ahead and was professional upon arrival. He was able to assess the property and give me a plan of action! He was able to provide great solutions to the problem! I would recommend!

Julie Riegert

Raccoons in Ottawa


Raccoons are curious and inquisitive creatures. Their intelligence helps them survive in all kinds of environments, but it can also get them into trouble. Though their thumbs are not opposable, their digits are dexterous and strong. This, combined with their superior problem-solving skills, lends to their ability to open lids, unscrew caps from bottles and jars and unlatch doors. Their skills also mean that they are adept at finding ways into your home, particularly the attic. The damage they can do is significant but getting rid of these unwanted houseguests requires expertise raccoon removal from our Ottawa technicians to get the job done safely.

Canada’s winters can be harsh, driving people indoors to the warmth of their homes. It does the same for raccoons! They spend the fall fattening up so that during the winter, they can laze the days away in the safety of their dens. Rather than true hibernation, raccoons enter a state called torpor. This is a shorter period of deep sleep than hibernation, but during this time, their heartbeats slow way down. They metabolize the extra fat on their bodies for survival. Warm enough temperatures can rouse them from their dens in search of scarcer food sources.

The masked bandit seeks out warm, dry locations for their dens. They also look for places that offer protection from predators. Raccoons are well adapted to life around humans, and they’ve figured out that attics make great dens. Sometimes, they utilize basements, crawl spaces, barns or garages as well. Their claws are great for digging, but they can also rip up siding, roofing tiles, flashing and soffits. Our humane wildlife control technicians not only safely remove raccoons, but they also perform exclusionary measures to prevent unwanted guests in the future.


Raccoon Removal Ottawa


Raccoon Facts

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, but they are most active at dawn and dusk. This is the time when you are most likely to see them in your yards. Their nighttime activities also make them more vulnerable to getting hit on the road.


Raccoons are cute, but we don’t recommend handling them! They are not generally aggressive, but they can bite when threatened. They can carry a number of diseases, including rabies, that are dangerous to humans.


Even though raccoons don’t hibernate, even during Ottawa’s long winters, they are less active in subzero temperatures. They can go days, even weeks without leaving their winter den.


A raccoon baby is called a kit. Females give birth to two to six kits per litter and have one litter per year.


Male kits often leave their mothers sooner than females. The females are more inclined to den with their mothers through their first winter season, only leaving when mating season begins in the spring.


A mother raccoon is protective of her offspring. Closing an opening with a litter inside results in more damage to the home, as she will do anything she can to get back to her babies. Skedaddle uses heated baby boxes in the removal of kits and makes sure they get reunited with their mother.


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