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Do It Yourself Bat Control Measures that Don’t Work

  • Bright Lights – bright lights are not guaranteed to make the bats leave your home. Shining a bright light can actually attract the bat even more and confuse it when trying to escape from your house. You are better off reducing the glare of the lights so that the bat can see well enough to escape without frightening it.
  • Ultra Sonic Noise and mothballs – these are not effective in eliminating bats, especially to mother bats that need safe shelter for their young. They will put up with anything just to maintain their colonies. For the determined mother bat, no amount of noise and mothballs can make them leave their safe haven.
  • Bat Houses – these bats can’t be easily tricked to vacate their safe nest inside your home and transfer to unfamiliar shelter. Once they find a shelter good enough to house them, they can’t be easily swayed to leave. If they actually transfer to the bat house you installed, you will have another problem on your hands, which is liability. If the bats multiply in the new shelter and takes up residence in your neighbors’ houses, they you are the one responsible in case of bat-related injuries and mess.
  • Exclusion Problems – these include sealing the home during winter assuming the bats have left for winter, or sealing the home during the birthing season and locking babies in. Sealing the home at night assuming all bats have left or sealing only the current entry areas and ignoring potential entry points (bats will always find new areas) will not work too.