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Commercial Bird Control


Commercial Bird Control

We know that when a commercial or industrial building is experiencing unwelcome urban wildlife visitors, it can add unwanted stress to everyone’s life who has to work within the building. That’s why we offer to educate business owners and property managers about our humane and reliable process, and offer friendly service provided by highly trained wildlife specialists.

Assess and Remove

access&removeWarm and sheltered areas like chimneys, attics, vents, soffits, ledges and trusses are prime targets for feathered urbanites. Skedaddle’s Wildlife Technicians are trained to identify bird entry and roosting areas. To ensure a humane and economical wildlife removal, our technicians must remove all birds and nesting material, taking extra care not to disrupt any babies or risk the problem persisting and causing undue harm to the birds. If younger babies cannot fly, they are placed inside a protective container where the adults can continue to feed them until they reach flying age.

Clear and Clean

clean&clearSkedaddle’s wildlife removal strategy for industrial and commercial buildings is humane, safe and reliable. Part of our process involves clearing and cleaning any contaminated material, like odourous droppings, ectoparasite infected nest(s) or carcasses that can cause serious health risks. This is an important step because inhaling particles from bird droppings can potentially cause an incurable disease called histoplasmosis. Your Wildlife Technician will advise cleaning and clearing tactics, like insulation repair and ventilation system inspection, depending on the severity of contamination. This will help ensure a healthy future for all occupants.

Unique Risks for Commercial and Industrial Properties

Unlike residential homes, the size and complexity of commercial and industrial buildings make them ideal targets for large scale bird infestations. The following are some health and safety risks that can quickly get out of hand if left untreated:

  • Bird droppings can cause mould build-up and attract various parasites, sometimes leading to respiratory problems for humans. Ectoparasites like fleas, ticks and bedbugs can cause skin irritation and increase the severity of the problem.
  • Bird droppings can also cause specific diseases such as histoplasmosis.
  • Mother birds and large flocks, like geese, can become quite aggressive and will chase or peck people who get too close.

Prevent and Protect

prevent&protectThe next step in Skedaddle’s process after humanely removing and safely cleaning up after wildlife, is ensuring that your commercial building and the people who live and work inside are protected. Skedaddle understands that every commercial property is different. To prevent further bird infestations, our technicians can employ a variety of strategies. Tactics used during this process can often include the installation of netting, screening, bird spikes or coils, and sometimes the help of specially trained birds and canines as a round-up or deterrent method. Our Wildlife Technicians specialize in ensuring that buildings and their occupants are protected as part of the Skedaddle customer service experience. All of Skedaddle’s materials are of the highest quality and are installed by our specially trained Wildlife Technicians to ensure that they blend with existing building features. In all, the Skedaddle multi-step process is designed to make sure that your commerical property’s bird infestation is safely, professionally, and permanently resolved.

After our thorough process is complete, Skedaddle will have humanely evicted the birds from your commercial or industrial property, cleaned and repaired any damage, and protected your property from future unwanted winged visitors. Our focus on education, customer service and prevention is what makes us a leader in the wildlife removal industry.