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We Remove Wildlife with Care – Here's How We Do It

Staying in a secured and safe home is one of our necessities in life. But mind you, it isn’t only us humans who like to feel comfortable in our homes, wildlife feel pretty much the same way too.

If you believe that your home has a relaxing feel to it, then you can just surmise that it is also comfy for other living creatures. Your attic may be a good place for raccoons, while your porches may make good homes for skunks. So don’t be surprised if you find them scampering to and fro your yard.

Wildlife is often drawn to dark and untouched areas of the home. This is the reason why they stay in the attics, basements, and every little crawlspace where they can fit. Sometimes they would live underneath your deck, porch or shed. Yes, these animals look cute and all, but you may encounter some trouble the moment they start destroying property. Since animal control laws are quite strict in the manner by which these animals are handled, you would need to call in a team of experts to remove them from your property without causing them any harm. And this is what we do.

We, at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, are considered the leading and trusted wildlife specialists in Canada. We carry out the removal of these visitors in a very humane manner. You can expect that no harm that will come to these creatures and that we will relocate them in a habitat that is conducive for them.

Wildlife animal removal processes require certain expertise that can only be achieved by being at the job for many wildlife that we have become truly equipped when it comes to assessing the situation and implementing the right strategy to use.

One thing that makes us different from the rest is that we give due care in handling wildlife. Whether it’s a raccoon, deer, rodent, squirrel or any other type of wildlife, you can expect that they will be handled properly.

In fact, before we leave a particular home, we make it a point to check for any babies that the animal may have left. For instance, in the case of raccoons, once we find a litter, we make sure that they get to be relocated with their mother. We provide a special box for the babies who aren’t yet mobile. Once we get to the relocation site, the box makes it easy for the mother raccoon to transport them from the box to their newfound habitat. For mobile babies, we make it a point to bring them close to the mother so that she can just retrieve them on her way out of your premises.

If you are facing issues regarding wildlife, just make sure that you get the right team to do the job of removing them from your premises. Remember that your ability to choose the right company to remove wildlife can ensure a better home for you and your family.