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Take a Look at the Ways We Remove Raccoons in the Most Humane Way

While considered as smart animals, the presence of raccoons in homes can be troublesome especially when damage to property ensues. But just the same, removing raccoons should be done humanely.

With their cute little masked faces, raccoons can be a subject of both entertainment and consternation. The former can be achieved if these animals are found in some other places other than your own attic, right? The latter on the other hand can be brought about by raccoons that constantly cross your yard and head straight to your attic to spend the night.

ssHaven’t you thought why out of all the houses that are in your area, it was your house that met the animal’s fancy? Before you try to think of harsh ways to remove raccoons from your property, try to understand the problem and look at things from another perspective.

Raccoons actually choose the home where they are going to stay based on the exterior attractions that a home provides. These attractions could in the form of food, which will include garbage, gardens, pet food and bird feeders. So it is very likely that you have something on your lawn or garden which caught the attention of the little masked fellow.

Now if you are wondering why the attic is the favorite place of raccoons, well, the answer to that is quite simple. If you look at the attic, it is basically made of wood but with a hollow space in the middle, right? The attic bears a strong resemblance to the natural habitat of a raccoon which is a hollow tree. Normally, raccoons consider the attic as the perfect place for them to raise their babies.

So more or less, raccoons are like humans, in a way that they are looking for a comfortable place and a safe area for them to raise their babies. This is why if we receive a call for a Toronto raccoon removal we always ensure our customers that our method of removing raccoons from any home is very humane.

Raccoon removal is a very delicate process especially if there are baby raccoons involved that have not yet reached the age of being mobile. We need to be very careful in handling these babies, so that even when they are relocated, they remain alive and their mother can just continue nursing them.

There are a lot of requests for removing raccoons in Toronto and more often than not, the raccoons found in the attic comprise not only the mother but also the babies. Newborn baby raccoons are very fragile and need to be handled with care. We make use of clean and soft cloths that will not harm the babies. The process ends with their relocation, where the mother raccoon would take out her baby one by one from the container that we provide. She will then care for them on her own in their natural habitat.

Removing raccoons in Toronto is always best done by experts on animal wildlife control. This is a dynamic and you cannot always expect all factors to remain constant. Hence, experienced professionals like us at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control are needed to do the job. We ensure that the animals are unharmed during the entire removal process.