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Birds In Your Dryer Vent? How To Properly Remove Them

Birds are not only graceful creatures but are also important for our ecosystem. However, bird removal becomes a requirement the moment they invade human residences and properties. There are many reasons for this. For example, extremely messy nests built with twigs, grass and dried leaves are the trademark of starlings. If disturbed, these nests generate airborne debris and dust that are easily inhaled. When you add bird droppings to the mix, this causes a very problematic situation.

Do Birds Choose Dryer Vents To Nest?

Starlings start to prepare their nests and lay their eggs during spring, like many other birds. Because they are cavity nesters, they would normally make their home inside holes found in rock faces and tree hollows. In urban areas where trees are in fewer supply, starlings have had to adapt their nesting habits. As part of that adaptation, they seem to be particularly fond of vent openings found on the sides of houses. Although these openings serve to exhaust indoor appliances like dryers, kitchen and bathroom fans, they offer similar nesting conditions to these birds, which results in the need for bird removal services.

Why Is Removing Birds From Dryer Vents So Important?

Among several things that happen when a mating pair of starlings chooses to nest and lay eggs inside your vent opening, the following are nearly inevitable:

  • Bird mites
  • Fire hazards
  • Droppings

Removing birds from dryer vents is crucial because many of them are covered with tiny bugs called bird mites. These bugs survive off of the blood of both babies and adult starlings. When the birds leave the nest or the mite population grows too large, it typically migrates into the home in search of new hosts. They cause discomfort and irritation by biting the skin, although they cannot survive on humans very long.

Starlings build large and messy nests with twigs, grass, and leaves. Often enough, their nests grow so large they can fill an entire garbage bag. Such nests block air flow and trap heat, causing fan motors and dryers to overheat. At that point, the dry nest material can easily act as a fire accelerant.

Droppings are an obvious reason for calling in bird removal professionals. In addition to causing permanent staining of building materials and bad odour, the accumulation of droppings can also lead to health concerns for humans.

What Are Your Options When It Comes To Removing Birds From Your Home?

The best thing you can do is call in professional bird removal experts at the first sign of an infestation. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control technicians will not only remove the birds and their babies in a humane way, but will also clean the vents thoroughly and secure them against re-entry. With nearly 30 years of experience in the field, Skedaddle is more than capable of solving any bird problem quickly and with minimal discomfort for both the humans and birds.

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