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Commercial and Non-Residential Services

Skedaddle Geese Management

We know that when your property or business becomes host to unwelcome urban wildlife visitors, it can add unwanted stress to the lives of those living or working inside. That’s why we wish to educate you about our humane and reliable process, and offer friendly service provided by highly trained wildlife specialists.

What We Do For You

Managing your property or business can be hard enough without being forced to deal with unexpected wildlife intruders. When animals seek shelter inside your property they bring all their bad habits with them. Wildlife damage, noise and odour can make life very unpleasant for your colleagues or tenants. Skedaddle has performed wildlife management services for countless property managers and landlords, as well as government, corporate, retail and not-for-profit customers. We roll up our sleeves and get dirty so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Assess and Remove

access&removeAs Canada’s largest wildlife control company, Skedaddle understands the unique challenges facing commercial properties. The first step in Skedaddle’s process is performing a comprehensive assessment of the building’s exterior and interior to determine how the animals have gained entry and identify future problem points. We then use hands-on techniques to humanely remove all adults and their babies because that’s the most effective and economical approach. All of our uniformed Wildlife Technicians receive fall protection training and carry aerial lift certifications to safely access even the most daring of heights. We provide our customers with detailed quotes and written guarantees backed by over two decades of experience.

Clear and Clean

clean&clearSkedaddle’s wildlife removal strategy is humane, safe and reliable. Part of our process involves clearing and cleaning any contamination that can pose serious health concerns. Each year across Canada, urban wildlife is responsible for causing millions of dollars in damage to private property. Trampled insulation, chewed electrical and feces accumulations represent part of a long list of wildlife behaviours that can have devastating effects on your property. Beyond that, unwanted wildlife visitors are also the carriers of ectoparasites including mites, ticks and fleas. Your Wildlife Technician will remove contaminated debris, feces and nesting material to ensure that your property or workplace remains safe and healthy for all occupants.

Prevent and Protect

prevent&protectPart of Skedaddle’s process involves making sure that your property or business is protected against future wildlife intrusions. Raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats, skunks and mice are extremely opportunistic and thrive as a result of their ability to adapt in changing environments. To prevent future stress and building damage, it is important to remain a step ahead. Our Wildlife Technicians are trained to identify potential wildlife problem areas on your property and secure them against re-entry. With over two decades of experience identifying and repairing wildlife damage, we have what it takes to keep urban wildlife on the outside. Skedaddle specializes in ensuring that your property or business remains protected as part of our customer service experience.

After our thorough process is complete, we will have eliminated the ectoparasites, cleaned and repaired the damage, and protected your property or workplace from future unwanted visitors. Our focus on education, customer service and prevention is what makes us a leader in the wildlife removal industry.