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The Fall Season Brings Changes to Nature and To Your Home


During the changing of seasons, our homes undergo a change of their own. Regardless of age, all homes are designed to shift, bend and fluctuate with the changing weather patterns. This is essential for a home’s structure, ensuring it doesn’t break supports and come loose from foundations.

The unfortunate reality of these changes are the opportunistic wildlife that take advantage of cracks, loose siding and damaged exterior elements of your home. If your home has been neglected throughout the year, the worst feeling can be discovering that procrastination has lead to the intrusion from wildlife.


Fall is a great time of year to inspect your home for vulnerable areas that could potentially lead to wildlife entering inside the living space. Here are some things to keep in mind as the temperature drops, and the animals are on the hunt for new winter homes:

  • Inspect decks, porches and other structures without foundations. Make sure they are screened and secure from wildlife digging under them (skunks, raccoons, mice).
  • Get a professional to inspect your roof for vents and fascia gaps that are prime entry points for wildlife.
  • Look for large gaps that could invite raccoons or squirrels to slip through or chew/pull apart to access your attic for the winter.
  • Trim back long grass in the Fall. Mice love to nest here and it provides a breeding ground.
  • Continue to take garbage out in the morning. Leaving food for wildlife at any time of year is asking for trouble!

As a homeowner you should know your home better than anything, including wildlife. Don’t leave your biggest investment open to unnecessary, extensive damage.