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Decontamination Services

Inspection & Assessment

Our trained technicians will inspect your roof and attic and determine the level of contamination. We will evaluate the energy efficiency (R-value) of the contaminated and uncontaminated insulation as well as inspect the ventilation system. Based on building codes, we will assess if your insulation is currently up to minimum standards.

Effective Removal & Re-Insulation

We will enter the contaminated area with our powerful state-of-the-art vacuum and proper breathing apparatus. This is the most efficient method of removal and eliminates any risk of contamination to the rest of the building. The vacuum will remove all of the contaminated insulation and remaining feces, urine or parasites. The area will now be ready to receive new, high-efficiency cellulose insulation.

Why We Are Better

With over 20 years in the Wildlife Control business, we’ve been crawling around people’s attics, roofs and walls for a long time. Our trained technicians understand the biology of urban wildlife and the particular damage they can cause to property and human health. We combine this knowledge with a unique decontamination service and state-of-the-art equipment to return your house or business to a clean and healthy state, ready for re-insulation.