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Insulation Services

For information on how wildlife can cause damage to insulation and the need for decontamination, see our decontamination services.

Inspection & Assessment

Our trained technicians will evaluate the energy efficiency (R-value) of your current insulation as well as inspect the ventilation system.
Based on building codes, we will assess if your insulation is currently up to minimum standards.
We will explain the benefits of upgrading from your current R-value to a high-efficiency level of R-50 (recommended by the Government of Canada).

Effective Removal & Re-Insulation

If required, our technicians will remove all current insulation or prepare the attic/roof for a “top-up” layer of cellulose.
If desired, we will install an rFOIL™ radiant barrier on all exterior walls.
Using our powerful insulation blower system, we will blow cellulose insulation into the area, making sure to cover the entire surface. This method of application minimizes traffic through your building and keeps the installation contained.
If required, we will wrap lights, chimneys and pipes as well as install vents or baffles to ensure proper air circulation.

Why We Are Better

We have over 20 years’ experience crawling around people’s attics, roofs and walls. Our state-of-the-art equipment, superior cellulose insulation and professional installation techniques mean that we provide you with a clean, healthy, energy saving attic or roof for many years to come.