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Assess and Remove

Raccoons are very intelligent and resourceful. This is why our 50 point inspection is designed to identify all current and potential raccoon entry points as well as any damage they may have caused. Our hands-on removal techniques are both humane and effective for adult and baby raccoons alike.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Raccoons are not very clean and their presence can lead to severe property damage. Skedaddle offers thorough cleaning and disinfecting of raccoon den sites to eliminate any health risks. We can also remove and replace any damaged attic insulation.


Prevent and Protect

Once the raccoons are gone you want to make sure your home is protected against future entries. Our wildlife technicians are experts in identifying and securing vulnerable areas of your home with exclusion materials that are built to last.


Raccoons in Barrie


The masked bandit raids again! Many homeowners are familiar with the experience of waking up to the sight of garbage strewn across the yard after a clever raccoon raided its contents the night before. It is a frustrating experience, but, at other times, these wily animals provide a great deal of entertainment. Discovering they have made a mess with your trash is one thing. Finding out they have taken over your attic is quite another.

Raccoons are good problem solvers, and they often figure out that an attic is a good place to den. It provides them shelter and the quiet they prefer when sleeping. Their breaking and entering skills can translate to significant damage to siding, soffits, flashing and roofing tiles. Once inside, their droppings and urine become a health hazard. Though raccoons aren’t typically aggressive, they can become so if they feel threatened. The safest way to remove a raccoon is to enlist the professionals at Skedaddle to do it for you!

Raccoons in Barrie are most frequently sighted in the evening or early morning hours. They are nocturnal animals who seek out their sustenance after the sun goes down. They are omnivores that will eat just about anything edible they can find, and human gardens and garbage are often easy pickings. Homeowners who store their pet’s kibble outdoors often also discover that the masked bandit has no problem eating that either!

In the winter, you won’t see much raccoon activity. They don’t hibernate, but they do enter a similar state called torpor. If one has found its way into your attic in the fall, you may not realize it is there until it becomes more active in the spring. Family units consisting of a mother and her kits often den together. During our removal process, Skedaddle takes measures to ensure young ones are reunited with mom in their new den.

Raccoon Removal Barrie

Raccoon Facts


The masked bandit is smart enough to figure out how most containers open. They also have hands that are nimble, and thumbs that are almost opposable, so they often succeed in their attempts.


Males are solitary animals most of the year. In the winter, however, they don’t mind denning with a few extra bodies to keep warm.


Raccoons may be fastidious animals, but they do not wash their food before they eat it, as many people believe. They often do get their food wet, but they do this so that they can get more sensory information about what they are eating.


The masked bandit can make a quick getaway when caught. It is capable of running as fast as 24 km/hr.


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