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Assess and Remove

Our comprehensive 50 point home inspection is designed to determine squirrel entry points and home damage. The attic is a common den site for squirrels where they gain accessing by chewing holes or slipping in between building materials. We then use hands-on removal techniques to humanely evict the squirrels. We start by performing a comprehensive inspection of your home and use hands-on techniques to humanely remove unwanted home guests.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Squirrels are notorious for creating large, messy nests within their den site and causing damage through chewing. Skedaddle will thoroughly clear away any nesting material and debris from the den and clean up the mess left behind. We can also replace soiled insulation and damaged ductwork if required.
Then we go where the animals go to clear and clean the mess they’ve left behind.


Prevent and Protect

Our final step is making sure your home is protected, not only against the current intruders, but all the other squirrels in your neighbourhood. To keep them out we will secure the entry points we identified, as well any other potential vulnerabilities.We identify potential points of entry and secure them to prevent future infestation. We offer a lifetime guarantee against re-entry on any serviced areas.


Squirrels in Belleville


Squirrels are a regular sight in both urban and rural areas. The squirrel family consists of both tree and ground-dwelling species, though people are usually most familiar with the critters that live in the trees in their yards. These animals are rodents and can chew through almost anything, allowing them easy access to the comfort of your home. They may make their nests in your chimney, attic or walls, where they can do significant damage.

Removing squirrels isn’t easy. They can be aggressive when threatened, and their sharp teeth can inflict serious injuries. They’re also fast and can make a quick escape when needed. At Skedaddle, we have the experience and expertise needed to ensure any resident squirrels are safely and humanely removed, and we take additional measures to keep them from coming back.

Belleville Squirrels

Ontario is home to three species of tree squirrel: the red squirrel, the grey squirrel and the flying squirrel. You might spot the flying squirrel if you spend much time out in the forests, but you won’t see them in town. However, the red and grey squirrels can both be found in Belleville neighbourhoods. Grey squirrels are usually either grey or black, but they can also be white. They’re industrious and smart. They hide food in caches that they can find days, weeks or months later. They breed twice per year, with the females giving birth to between one and six babies each time.

Red squirrels are more territorial than grey squirrels. Where grey squirrels are more social, red squirrels tend to be loners. Red squirrels are less common than grey squirrels in urban areas, and you are more likely to hear them chattering from high up in the trees than see them romping around on the ground. Red squirrels have a stricter diet than grey squirrels and fare better where seeds and nuts are plentiful. They also have two mating seasons every year, with females giving birth to between one and seven babies each season.


Squirrel Removal Barrie


Squirrel Facts


Like other rodents, squirrels must regularly gnaw on hard substances to keep their constantly growing incisors filed down. In your home, they can chew on wood, wires, siding and soft metals, causing significant damage and creating safety hazards.


Squirrels use their tails as a rudder when jumping, an umbrella when raining and a balance when running across branches and utility lines.


The name “squirrel” is derived from the Greek word “Sciurus,” which means “shadow tail.”


Squirrels are common hosts for ticks and fleas, which may make their way to people in pets when a squirrel makes your home its own.


Squirrels are carriers for salmonellosis, tularemia, leptospirosis and typhus, which can be transmitted to people through bites, urine or feces.


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