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How to Repair Squirrel Damage

When squirrels decide to take up residence in your home or attic they can be very destructive. Many times, homeowners living with uninvited squirrel guests fail to act quickly to resolve the issue mistakenly believing that the squirrels will eventually leave on their own. This often results in unnecessary damages and repairs. The longer the problem is allowed to persist the worse the situation will get.

As humans, we have grown very comfortable living amongst squirrels. Most people give very little thought to the squirrels they see running up trees or scampering along the top of a fence. Their small size and fluffy tales hide the fact they are capable of destroying an attic in a very short period of time.  It is important to have them removed and excluded from the home quickly to prevent unnecessary damage.

Types of Damage

Inside attics, squirrels do tremendous amounts of damage to your insulation. As part of their nesting habits they will trample, push and pile insulation throughout your attic, clearing entire sections down to the vapour barrier. Squirrels will also shred and move insulation into your soffits, cutting off proper air flow to the attic which can cause mould. A thick even layer of insulation in your attic is critical to maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home.  Ineffective attic insulation will drastically increase the cost to heat and cool your home.

Cleaning up damaged insulation in your attic can be very difficult. It will require going into a hot, dark and dusty attic. Always remember to be safe and take precautions against dust and airborne contaminants as well as heat stress.

If the damage has been confined to only a small space it may be possible to perform a spot clean of the area by hand. Damaged and even shredded insulation is far too thick for a shop-vac to suck up. This means that the insulation must be cleaned by hand placed into heavy-duty garbage bags. Carefully seal the bags and place into garbage containers for collection. It is important to replace the damaged insulation in the process to maintain proper levels.

In cases where the damage extends throughout the entire attic, a simple spot clean may not be enough. It might be wise to call a professional to remove all of the damaged insulation using a gas powered industrial vacuum. Skedaddle offers full attic restoration services with a lifetime guarantee. As part of the process we will safely remove damaged insulation while avoiding cross-contamination of your home, disinfect the area and blow new insulation back in. Click here to learn more about how reinsulating your attic with cellulose can save you money.

Damage from Chewing

Squirrels must continually gnaw on surfaces to wear down their incisors. This behaviour continues inside attics where they will chew wood, electrical wiring and anything else they can get their teeth on. Depending on the severity of the damage, repairs could cost thousands of dollars The dried leaves, twigs and grass they bring into your attic can act as a fire accelerant. Squirrels have been responsible for numerous house fires as a result of chewed wiring. If squirrels have nested in your attic it is advised to call a licensed electrician to inspect the damage.

Part of the Skedaddle process involves a thorough search of your attic. Our technicians will take photos of any damage and share their findings with you. The best way to prevent damage is to act quickly. Call Skedaddle today at 1.888.592.0387.