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We're here to help throughout the COVID-19 issue. Read More..



Assess and Remove

The first step in resolving a nuisance bird issue is a thorough understanding of the exact nature of the problem. Our customized removal plans take into account the species of bird involved, the affected areas of the home and the time of year.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Birds can be messy, their nesting material and droppings can cause home damage and result in unsanitary conditions. As part of the process our trained technicians will remove nests from vents, soffits and balconies and safely scrub away unhealthy droppings.


Prevent and Protect

Our prevention plans are customized to address the specific bird threats your home faces. Our technicians are trained to install protective barriers and devices designed to make your home inhospitable to birds.


Birds in Montreal


Quebec is home to 450 bird species. These beautiful animals are some of the most striking attractions to the province with bright colours and distinctive kinds of plumage. They serve an important role in the ecosystem through seed dispersal and pest control. Birds of all sizes fit in the nooks and crannies of houses. If they invade your home, it’s important to get help professional assistance for the problem. It is essential to enlist the help of bird removal specialists in Montreal to assess the situation and employ exclusion techniques to avert future intrusions.

Many birds like to make their nests in homes. Sparrows, finches, pigeons, swallows and starlings are all attracted to attics. These open and dry spaces are perfect for safe shelter away from poor weather conditions and predators. Birds in your attic cause problems because of the number of droppings they produce, and the parasites they bring in. It is important to locate how birds are getting inside and prevent their entry. Humane wildlife control experts will make certain that adult birds and their young are safely removed, and your home is shielded against future intrusions.

Birds also nest in soffits, roof vents, chimney pipes and other warm and suitable spaces. Blocked pipes and vents are a problem and could cause fires. If you see birds flying around your home with nesting materials in their beaks, it is a sign that they are building nests inside some part of the house. It is an instinctual behaviour for all creatures to find safe, reliable living arrangements. However, birds cause unsightly messes, and their droppings can pose serious health issues. It doesn’t take long for them to leave a home filthy and susceptible to serious risks. Skedaddle uses humane removal and exclusion techniques to safeguard your home and protect bird families. We clean and restore your home to a healthy and livable condition after an invasion.


Bird Facts

There are two primary categories of birds: migratory and non-migratory. Non-migratory birds stay put for the winter and will seek safe and warm places to nest. These are the birds you find dwelling in your home. Birds are messy, and you can locate them by the refuse around their nests and from their droppings. Despite their uncleanly habits, birds are wonderful creatures looking for safe harbour in homes, so it’s important to preserve their well-being.


Sparrows can fit through tiny openings in your home as they fit through small holes in birdhouses.


Birds’ bones are hollow, and this physical trait is what helps them fly. Their bones are reinforced by struts, so they withstand the pressure of flights, takeoffs and landings.


Pigeons are found in cities across the globe and Montreal is no exception. They are well adapted to roosting and nesting on tall, flat surfaces like window ledges, roofs and balconies.


Starlings are omnivores and will feed on insects, seeds, fruit and whatever they find in unsecured garbage and dumpsters. In suburban environments they feast on worms and grubs found in lawns.


The best way to keep birds away from your home is to clean up potential nesting materials and seal up possible entry points.


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