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We're here to help throughout the COVID-19 issue. Read More..



Assess and Remove

The key to removing bats from your home is determining their entry points. Bats can enter through small openings and leave very little trace behind. Our expert technicians will identify all the entry points and evict the colony humanely using one-way doors that allow the bats to leave for food but prevent their re-entry.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Depending on the size of the colony and how long they’ve been living in the home there could be a large mess to clean up. Our wildlife technicians will thoroughly remove bat guano and disinfect the space to eliminate any harmful traces left behind.


Prevent and Protect

Our wildlife technicians will provide a full, comprehensive protection plan against any future bat infestations. This would include sealing all the tiny gaps and openings around your home’s roofline to keep bats out.


Bats in Orangeville

Orangeville is a town in the province of Ontario, situated north of Toronto. The residents here enjoy many outdoor activities, including skiing, biking, and hiking. The area has abundant natural beauty, with many parks, lakes, and outdoor reserve areas.

While Orangeville’s natural spaces are great for recreation, they attract all kinds of wildlife. Animals such as bats are common, and these creatures sometimes make their way into residents’ homes. Orangeville is surrounded by farmland, making the area perfect for bats to feed on insects, seeds and fruits. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control offers effective, safe pest control services for Orangeville residents.

What You Need To Know About Bats

Bats are nocturnal animals known for making their homes in dark, secluded areas such as attics and garages. Depending on the species, bats can live for several decades, quickly becoming a nuisance for homeowners. Bats are tiny creatures and can enter homes through open windows, chimneys, vents, cracks in damaging roofing, or siding of the house. You likely have a bat infestation in your home if you see piles of droppings or urine stains on your attic walls. At dusk, inspect the exterior of your home, and you may see bats entering or exiting your home.

There are many types of bats in the Orangeville area, with the little brown bat being most seen by homeowners. Bats can find their food in total darkness and can fly at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. While these creatures play an important role in controlling insects such as mosquitoes, they can create a problem for homeowners.

Bat Pest Control Services

If you notice bats in your home or on your property, do not attempt to remove them yourself. While not naturally aggressive, bats can spread diseases such as rabies if they bite. You should contact a professional pest control company to remove the animals from your property. Skedaddle pest control technicians specialize in bat pest control and can safely identify and remove them.

Once the bats are gone, Skedaddle will screen your home against future invasions. This screening process is rigorous, as bats can enter anywhere from ground to roof through gaps as small as a dime. Our technicians are trained to search every square inch of the exterior of your home to find and seal all possible entry areas.

Work With a Pest Control Expert

Do you suspect you have a bat infestation in your Orangeville home? Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today. Our technicians are trained to handle all types of animals safely. We use safe removal methods that will not harm the animals, your property, or your family.

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