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Bats – Clear and Clean

Things to consider if you have a bat in your home

  • Rabies – this is probably the most serious health risk that bats can bring in your home. If a person in your household or a visitor is bitten by a bat, you should consult your doctor immediately..
  • Histoplasmosis – a fungal infection associated with accumulations of bat droppings. The infection is transmitted to humans when fungal spores living in bat droppings become airborne and are inhaled. For this reason, Skedaddle strongly discourages homeowners from taking on the task of cleaning up after a bat colony themselves. Our technicians can safely and effectively remove wildlife contamination from your attic.
  • Insulation damage through urine and feces accumulation – aside from the health risks, bat urine and feces can also damage your attic’s insulation. Accumulations of bat feces can reduce the effectiveness of your insulation and increase home heating and cooling bills.
  • Odour – the problem goes beyond the unpleasant smell that bat urine and feces produce. Animals communicate through smell, the odour produced by urine and feces will identify your home as a den. This can attract additional bats to your home, as well as other wildlife, such as squirrels, raccoons, mice, and birds.
  • Bed Bugs – a professional wildlife specialist from Skedaddle can easily help you eliminate bugs in your home, but it is important to determine what exactly it is that you have. Bat bugs and bed bugs are easily confused. Consult your Skedaddle specialist to find out how we can eliminate both bat bugs and bed bugs.