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Assess and Remove

Raccoons are very intelligent and resourceful. This is why our 50 point inspection is designed to identify all current and potential raccoon entry points as well as any damage they may have caused. Our hands-on removal techniques are both humane and effective for adult and baby raccoons alike.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Raccoons are not very clean and their presence can lead to severe property damage. Skedaddle offers thorough cleaning and disinfecting of raccoon den sites to eliminate any health risks. We can also remove and replace any damaged attic insulation.


Prevent and Protect

Once the raccoons are gone you want to make sure your home is protected against future entries. Our wildlife technicians are experts in identifying and securing vulnerable areas of your home with exclusion materials that are built to last.



When I called to book an inspection, I was given a quick booking time. James M came within the window of time, called ahead and was professional upon arrival. He was able to assess the property and give me a plan of action! He was able to provide great solutions to the problem! I would recommend!

Julie Riegert

Raccoons in Vaughan

Raccoons are highly adaptable creatures that can survive in many types of environments. Their natural habitat is in wooded areas that are close to a water source. However, they are quite capable of living among humans. They are intelligent and have great problem-solving skills, which has allowed them to take advantage of the easy access to food and shelter our society provides.

In the wild, raccoons are beneficial to the ecosystem, but they do not belong in our homes. At Skedaddle, we take steps to ensure that the animals we remove can continue doing their jobs in nature. We understand raccoon biology and behaviour, and we use our knowledge to establish humane removal techniques. After all animals are safely out of your home, Skedaddle’s technicians locate and seal off all potential entry points to prevent raccoons from breaking and entering into your home in the future.

Even though residents of Vaughan might be familiar with raccoons and their reputation for trouble, actual sightings usually only happen when people are taking out the trash or driving at night. Raccoons are nocturnal, so most of their activities occur after dark. Many homeowners see the evidence that the masked bandit is around when they discover a tipped-over garbage bin and trash strewn about the yard.

When a raccoon raids your trash, it is annoying and frustrating, but a raccoon in your attic is a serious problem. They do a significant amount of damage creating an entryway. Once inside, they cause even more destruction. Raccoons often tear up insulation, chew on wood and wires, and damage vents. They also leave a mess of urine and feces, which can lead to illness in humans and pets. Our removal process in Vaughn includes cleaning up and clearing out material that is contaminated with raccoon excretions, making your home once again safe from the diseases raccoons transmit.

Raccoon Facts


Raccoon hands function a lot like the hands of humans and other primates. Though their thumbs aren’t quite opposable, they still have an excellent grip that allows them to open different types of containers.


Female raccoons give birth to a litter of one to seven kits. These little ones are born with their eyes and ears shut. It takes about three weeks before they are able to see and hear.


Raccoons can fall from heights up to 12 metres without getting hurt.


Scientists aren’t exactly sure why the masked bandit has a mask, but one theory suggests that it serves to prevent the reflective glare of bright lights.


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